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Alternative wedding bouquets

The bridal bouquet you’ve always wanted

Alternative bouquets

An alternative bouquet is an accessory that has to be worn, that’s why you have to feel it yours!

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Original paper bouquets

A design that comes out of the box with elegance and great detail.

A unique piece for yours marriage .

Let’s make yours together

Unusual Bouquet!


Particular and original bridal bouquet

My name is Jessica and my “super power” resides in the hands ?

I realize particular and original bridal bouquets , alternative handmade bouquets, using any material that inspires me and studying any technique that may interest me.

My bouquets are unique. As unique as you are on the best day of your life.

I realize bridal bouquet making fashion . Original bouquets that will allow you to stand out among the thousands of brides who get married every year. Authentic one-of-a-kind pieces that will stay with you for life as a reminder of your wedding.

Do you want to stand out? Do you have a particular idea for your Bridal Bouquet? Let’s talk about.


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