Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet you’ve always wanted is now possible to make it happen.

The Unusual bouquets are all made by hand, from A to Z with great research in materials. Materials that must always have characteristics such as: precious, recycled or certified and produced in Italy. This identifies me and gives the opportunity to bride , to have an artistic creation combined with an ethical choice towards eco friendly .

This is the philosophy of Unusual Bouquet, to bring awareness towards the environment in weddings, combined with art.

By choosing Unusual Bouquet, make one ethical choice aiming to have a single piece in all its forms, starting from the idea, from the design, to the realization. All of this work is just for you and will also allow you to have a bouquet that identifies you.

You may be wondering: “And how would you be able to do all this?”

Listening to the brides.

I love being able to establish a harmony with Unusual brides and I can build it thanks to listening. Listening to you YOU you communicate your emotions to me and it will be they who will allow me to create a work that identifies you.

Fine Art photographic portraits

A project founded by two artists, Francesco Russotto And Jessica Ciaffarini.

Two different styles come together, giving birth to gods fine art photographic portraits that tell the importance of respecting Mother Nature. By communicating through human bodies that they unite with silk flowers handmade, a series of portraits are born that take on the meaning of respect for life: mistreating Mother Earth is equivalent to mistreating our life.

Alternative bouquets

Silk wedding bouquet

An alternative bouquet is an accessory that has to be worn, that’s why you have to feel it yours!

For your wedding you want only the bestand above all you will want to allocate your budget intelligently and without waste.

Definitely choosing a Unusual bouquet with silk flowers , you will be able to embrace the philosophy of Unusual Bouquet which combines eco friendly with art.

An ethical choice, which gives you the opportunity to have a bridal bouquet for your wedding that it is a unique work created just for you and that represents you. But most importantly, you will make an ecological choice because I know that you are very careful about your environment.

The silk flowers I produce are made with silks taken from high fashion atelier scraps. This allows me to reuse valuable materials, which instead would be thrown away without having the opportunity to have a second cache.

Since the fashion sector is among the most impacting on the pollution of our planet, Unusual Bouquet tries to make its contribution by proposing a valid alternative by reusing fabric waste.

By choosing alternative flowers you are choosing to contribute to the fight against cultivated cut flowers . Incredible as it may seem, even cut flowers contribute to polluting our planet.

The pollution caused by them occurs due to various components:

  • The use of pesticides and chemicals for cultivation
  • A great exploitation of water that starts from cultivation up to transport
  • Continuous Co2 emissions
  • Labor exploitation with infinite hours and low wages. Behind all that color is a black story.

Bridal bouquet

on Youtube

For me Unusual Bouquet is not just a brand put online just for, but it is something that goes beyond and that I nurture every day to make it grow in the best way. Through my You Tube channel you will be able to see how I make my handmade flowers and see what I do every day, in order to make my bridal bouquets.

I love supporting the bride and be able to give you advice that can help you in the realization of your wedding. After years of experience in the wedding field, I know how difficult it can be to organize an event like a wedding and that’s why I put my knowledge at your disposal to help you.

For you, I have made available some tutorials that will be useful for you in making creative flowers. Maybe they can go and embellish yours eco sustainable favors .

Also in the area blog you will find useful tips dedicated to bridal bouquet and to your being a bride.


Original paper bouquets

Another type of bridal bouquet that I realize is the paper bouquet . Made using only professional and high quality papers from suppliers committed to producing their products respecting the environment for a more sustainable supply chain.

The attention I place in finding sustainable materials is one of my strong points for the production of wedding flowers . All this united by a unique design that is characterized by a production based on feelings and emotions.

All this for you, to make you have an artistic work aimed at respecting the environment but with great style.

Let’s make yours together

Unusual Bouquet!

_ flowers-in-silk-bridal-bouquets


Particular and original bridal bouquet

My name is Jessica and I don’t remember a day in my life when I didn’t want to be an artist.

I realize particular and original bridal bouquets , alternative handmade bouquets, using materials which must be high-quality and respect the environment.

In them I bring out their potential, giving them a new life, using ancient techniques such as the Somebana. I am constantly experimenting with new processes that can help me create a unique piece.

In all this artistic whirlwind you are my muse. From what you send me, I take inspiration to be able to make your bridal bouquet.

And as I always tell my brides: “The bouquet is like a hat if it doesn’t fit perfectly, you don’t wear it.”

So it is right that it is project for you and with you. Only in this way could we create your Unusual Bouquet together, the accessory you will never forget on the wedding table.

If you want we can hear and discuss. It will be a real pleasure to meet you and to be able to talk about your wedding.


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    I Bouquet di Unusual Bouquet, sono tutti realizzati a mano e sono pezzi unici in accordo con lo stile della sposa e le sue esigenze cromatiche. Per fare questo è necessario un po’ di tempo per coordinarsi, reperire i materiali e le eventuali spedizioni. Per chi avesse tempi molto stretti, consiglio di visionare il bouquet Last Minute che necessita, in linea di massima, di meno tempo per essere preparato. Contattami per avere un’idea precisa sui tempi di realizzazione del tuo bouquet.

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    Con bonifico bancario o con PayPal.

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    Si. Prima di passare alla realizzazione ascolto le esigenze delle spose e i loro desideri. Ci confrontiamo e da li nasce il bouquet. Il servizio di consulenza non ha costi aggiuntivi.

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    Si spedisco in tutta Italia e in Europa. Le spedizioni in Italia sono sempre gratuite.

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    Si, i miei bouquet sono tutti personalizzati. Non esiste sposa alternativa con un bouquet uguale.

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    Almeno 2 mesi prima della data. Così che si possa avere il tempo necessario per poter realizzare l’ordine.
    Se sono una sposa dell’ultimo minuto?
    Contatta Unusual Bouquet, sicuramente troverà il modo di aiutarti.

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