2020 wedding dress: Giuseppe Papini for a bride with a modern “new romanticism”

2020 wedding dress: Giuseppe Papini for a bride with a modern “new romanticism”

I have to tell the truth, since I’ve been in the business of weddings with i bridal bouquet , I have always followed with great interest the clothes of Giuseppe Papini . I find that he is one of the few stylists who manages to combine the tradition of made in Italy with the modernity of today, without ever exceeding but always enhancing with great elegance and particularity.

Today, I am very happy to be able to write about him and to be able to introduce you, the bride 2020 signed Giuseppe Papini!

Giuseppe Papini

When Giuseppe Papini he decided to open the company that bears his own name in Bergamo in 2003, he was already a designer of Made In Italy brands at an international level.

With the aim of continuing and giving prestige to the sartorial tradition of the Italian wedding dress, the Haute Couture wedding dresses of Giuseppe Papini were born.

The brand’s goal is to meet the expectations of every bride, embody all her desires in a dress and interpret her silhouette to best enhance her body and personality.

The wedding dresses Haute Couture by Giuseppe Papini are beautifully detailed through an accurate work that combines stylistic excellence with a careful choice of materials, always of the highest quality: first choice silk supplied exclusively by the best producers of Como (the most prestigious center for fabric crafts in the world), tulle from the Milanese textile districts of ancient tradition, select artisan laces from the north of France. Fabrics selected from the best the world has to offer, but also meticulously checked before the cutting phase.

Giuseppe Papini’s passion for innovation and craftsmanship creates wedding dresses that enhance the dream of dressing every woman so that she feels modern, feminine, special and unique on the most important day of her life.


A great dedication that starts immediately with hand-made sketches. From here begins the dream of bride . The idea takes shape, everything that was only thought becomes concrete. The project is an essential part, without it we could not go further.


The 2020 bride by Giuseppe Papini

Inspired by the classic elegance of the 50s and a contamination of the 80s, Papini makes this blend of eras his own by reinterpreting in the new collection, the 2020 wedding dresses: “MILLENIAL HIGH SOCIETY COLLECTION”

An elegant, extravagant, classic but also modern collection. The search for volumes oriented towards a “new lightness” shapes the classic mikado and magnolia and mixes them with smooth and textured silk organza, impalpable tulle and French lace to obtain unique and iconic dresses .

Harmonies take shape with soft volumes, perfect lines designed to accompany the female figure, making the cut of the dress particular and very romantic. A romanticism that is never predictable, but always modern. This is what has always fascinated me about Papini’s clothes, the aesthetic purity that she manages to give in each of her dresses.

Dresses that have a great search for detail with embroideries made exclusively, superimposed on French alançon and Chantilly laces. Obviously, Papini bows are a must, a signature that one always expects to see in some clothes of each new collection.

And now I leave you to the new Giuseppe Papini collection for the 2020 bride. Enchanted by his way of interpreting the modern “new romanticism”.

The rest of the collection “MILLENIAL HIGH SOCIETY COLLECTION” bride 2020, you can see it clicking here



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