5 Great Reasons to Move Your Wedding to Winter


5 Great Reasons to Move Your Wedding to Winter

Given the objective impossibility of celebrating the weddings in 2020 due to Covid-19, the hope is to be able to get married again as soon as possible with one ceremony free from the constraint of social distancing and masks . This is well known by all those couples who should have crowned their dream of love this spring / summer.

The possibility of getting married in the winter

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus emergency, the marriage plans have been upset and many couples have decided to move the wedding in winter , hoping for a return to normal for that period.

Getting married in winter would mean you had to postpone only a few months your wedding and still be able to take advantage of the booked services, such as the location, the photographer, the bridal bouquet (for which a separate discussion must be made) and everything else.

On the celebration of a winter wedding, many doubts can be raised as almost everyone associates the wedding with the summer. In reality, free from this mass conditioning , there are at least 5 great reasons to move your wedding to winter . Here’s what they are.

No extreme heat

One of the advantages of getting married during the winter season is that you don’t have to suffer the sultry heat typical of summer. Precisely for this reason the so-called “rescue kits” (fans, water bottles, large hats, umbrellas, etc.) will not be necessary to shelter from the sun.

Boys who benefit from the cooler temperature will be especially those who, given the need to wear a jacket and tie, are more likely to suffer from the heat. In fact, the jackets, although made of fresh and light fabrics, are not exactly the best in summer comfort.

More guests can participate

Very often one of the problems that is encountered in organizing a wedding in spring or summer is that of not being able to involve all loved ones because perhaps they already have to attend other weddings or cannot ask for more holidays because in time of holidays staff is at a minimum.

During the winter season, on the other hand, in principle there are not many problems in requesting holidays and the probability that one of your closest friends has already been invited to the ceremony of some of his relatives is really minimal. So in winter, you will ensure the presence of all family members and closest friends.

Yes to flowers, even the summer ones

Flowers, as well as decorative plants, cannot be missing in a wedding. During the winter season there are different varieties of flowers and plants that give the wedding a glamorous touch such as the classic poinsettia, dog roses, buttercups, mistletoe sprigs and even pine cones.

In short, the plants i flowers for wedding that are used for the preparation certainly not lacking, but if you wish for the bouquet of summer flowers such as orchids, peonies, roses, calla lilies, lilies, etc., you can opt for mine alternative bouquets hand made. Some idea? Look at some of mine winter wedding bouquet .

Dream location

Among the advantages of moving your wedding in winter there is certainly the possibility of finding more dates available in your dream location, precisely because fewer weddings are celebrated during the winter season. It will therefore be much easier to find the ideal date that will also be convenient for the various suppliers.

But which the ideal location for a winter wedding ? For the cold season the locations recommended by wedding planners are i castles or le villas ancient where it is possible to celebrate by warming up with a nice fireplace. These dream locations are perfect for those who want a more intimate wedding and a more convivial atmosphere.

Furthermore, in the event that the weather conditions were not the best and therefore there is rain or even snow, it is not a drama, on the contrary the photo shoot will enjoy an even more suggestive setting.

If Villas and Castles do not fit into your plans, it is better to choose location with large windows overlooking the garden or in any case on an open space with a pleasant view.

The possibility of always remains standing agree with the location already booked for the summer , a new date that will coincide with yours winter wedding .

Unforgettable honeymoon

If you love hot countries, marriage and consequently the honeymoon trip , represent an excellent opportunity to visit all those places that have the opposite seasons compared to Europe such as Brazil, Argentina or Chile.

On the contrary, if you love the cold you can choose among the countless mountain resorts where you can also ski or stay warm in the chalets, or, why not, organize a nice trip to Lapland, the country of Santa Claus!

Free thought…

Dear brides, I know very well that Covid-19 has taken away the possibility of celebrating the wedding in this summer 2020. Know that as a woman, I understand you and am close to you.

But at this point we can not help but reorganize for next year , when we are out of this pandemic.

We will return to dream together, to design the flowers for your bridal bouquet and to imagine the combinations with the dress and floral decorations. It’s just a matter of months … And whether the wedding day is summer or winter, it will always be the best day of your life.

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