5 ideas for decorating an autumn wedding

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5 ideas for decorating an autumn wedding

Celebrating your wedding day during the autumn season is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the warm and enveloping shades of the leaves falling from the trees. From rust, to purple, to chocolate brown and mustard, there are so many suggestions for a wedding in November (see also my new bridal bouquet with November flowers ).

5 ideas for decorating an autumn wedding

Seize the best of this color palette capable of giving unprecedented and spectacular sensations.


fall wedding-2


1. uses typical autumn fruits

The months between late September and mid-December offer seasonal fruit and vegetables to draw from for the decorations and theme of the location.
For example, an idea is to use figs, pomegranates, pumpkins and roasted chestnuts as decorations, place cards, floral arrangements for both the reception and the places of the ceremony.
The same seasonal fruits can recall the bride’s dress and bouquet .


2. The wedding cake with typical autumn colors


fall wedding-2


Using the warm colors of the fall season as a theme for the wedding cake is an original and fun idea.
The most current design is certainly the drip cake, which consists of several bases positioned one above the other, the white page from which to start for the personalized decoration.

With a couple of rust-red and crimson leaves in sugar paste, and some pomegranate as a 3D decor, that’s it.

The typical autumn style colors are rich and enveloping, and also include all the colors that come from the forest.

A layered cheesecake and smoked beetroot cake design is truly something original for a fall wedding.

3. the autumn bride’s bouquet




The bride’s bouquet in the fall must encompass all the colors and floral varieties of this season. We will therefore include in the composition peonies , English roses , hydrangeas , dahlias and typical asters with strong and decisive colors such as Marsala, Burgundy red, Burgunty and marc.

The green that represents the forest in its most intense and deepest shades must not be missing: here we need ferns and tillandsia, to be harmonized with orange and rust red leaves.

To complete and decorate the autumn wedding bouquet , the secret is to pluck with both hands from the forest, adding berries, berries, blackberries, raspberries and ripe blueberries.

Also beautiful are the rust and orange roses, to be enriched with feathers, wild flowers, ears of wheat and brown chestnuts.


4. Marriage becomes country chic

The colors of autumn offer many ideas for an evocative themed ceremony.

Here are 5 ideas to copy:

– theme with pumpkins;
– theme with apples;
– theme with lanterns;
– theme with leaves;
– forest theme.

Dear unusual brides, you have the opportunity to indulge yourself and use these elements as 5 ideas to decorate an autumn wedding , with style.

For example, red and fleshy apples will be the protagonists not only of the bride to be bouquet, but also of the table and floral compositions.

The same thing goes for crimson, orange and purple leaves, to be exploited as fascinating tokens of love and promises for a rosy future, indeed … blood red!

The forest and the lanterns will be two perfect elements for the location, to be customized with ferns, ivy, wild berries and small bright spotlights with fireflies and wild fairies.


5. Halloween, why not?


fall wedding-2

If you like the Celtic theme and want a wedding worthy of the god Pan, let yourself be inspired by witches, goblins and forest dwellers.

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