5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bouquet


5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bouquet

When organizing your own marriage , in addition to choosing the wedding dress right, you need to know how to choose another fundamental element: the bouquet of flowers .

This detail should not be underestimated, as it could compromise the entire look of the bride. Today the possibilities of choice are truly unlimited, given and considered all the variations of shapes, colors and materials with which a bouquet can be made.

How to choose the Bridal Bouquet

Having said that, here are some considerations that I would like to suggest for when you are about to choose your bridal bouquet.

Dress and Bouquet in harmony

The bouquet must be in perfect condition harmony with the wedding dress . You cannot choose the bouquet without taking into account the dress. For example, if you have chosen a simple dress without too many frills, you can opt for a slightly more elaborate bouquet to enrich the outfit. While, if you have chosen to wear an important dress, it will be better to prefer a more sober bouquet.

The Silhouette of the Bride

When choosing the bouquet, every bride should consider the body shape , in order to avoid disproportions in the overall picture. Generally if you have a slightly rounded physique, choose a cascading bouquet or asymmetrical could be a winning card because it would create an effect that slims the figure. A tall, slender bride might prefer a long stemmed or cascading bouquet too. For normal physicists, the classic deck, in all its variations, will always be perfect.

The preparation of the wedding

To choose the perfect bridal bouquet, one cannot fail to consider it wedding style . If in fact it has been organized in the manner classic and romantic , then the bouquet must also reflect the reason. In this situation, some flowers are particularly suitable: roses, peonies is camellias , with soft colors. If, on the other hand, the wedding was organized in modern key , you can choose an asymmetrical bouquet where long-stemmed flowers alternate with round-shaped flowers, or with materials and colors that give an original and trendy touch.

silver wedding bouquet

The Personality of the Bride

The bouquet must fully reflect the bride and therefore hers cannot be neglected personality . A traditional and romantic bride will tend to choose a bouquet with an almost perfect round shape, while a bride a little more “ alternative “, could choose a bouquet with a single flower , such as calla lily or peony.

Choose the flowers you like best, regardless of the season

A bouquet certainly has that extra touch when it is composed of flowers that the bride likes . If that type of flower is not available in nature due to its seasonality, an alternative bouquet can be used. If for beauty they have nothing to envy to fresh bouquets, with bridal bouquets of handmade fake flowers, you can give that extra touch that makes the WOW effect come out! A bouquet of this kind can be made with any type of flower, using paper, fabric, foam rubber, copper, buttons, jewels and all that is workable.

These are my little tips to help you choose your bouquet. If you want, I will be happy to help you create the bouquet of your dreams … naturally alternative!

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