6 useful tips for choosing your wedding bouquet.

bridal bouquet

6 useful tips for choosing your wedding bouquet.

In order to define your wedding outfit, you start with the choice of the dress and then complete it with the bride bouquet . Whether you are an alternative or classic bride, the time will come for you to juggle many options and colors for choosing your bouquet. Accessory par excellence, it helps to define the style and embellishes the figure of the bride. If you have arrived at the step of choosing the bouquet do not miss these 6 useful tips to choose your wedding bouquet.

1. The bouquet must be in line with your outfit.

During my career it has happened to me more and more often than mine brides we first chose my bouquet and then the dress. This is because a alternative bouquet it is not a bouquet of flowers, but it is an artistic creation that must be designed and created for the bride. Starting from the choice of the bride’s outfit, this important accessory is chosen with targeted advice which will then continue until the choice of the dress. It also helps the bride in the choice of secondary accessories, so that she can have an unmistakable style.

What if the dress is already chosen? It starts from there, in order to then be able to create a project that can become reality. Whether before or after the dress, the important thing is that there is a precise idea of your bridal style, so that you can immediately outline a guideline to be able to create your outfit.

2. Classic, particular or artistic bouquet: look at the shape!

Whether you want a classic, particular or artistic bridal bouquet, you have to pay attention to the shape. This plays an important role, it defines a lot the total line of the bride.

A bouquet does not necessarily have to be large, many times we have seen excessive bouquets overhang the figure of the bride. The last was Melissa Satta which did a lot of arguing for the unusual grandeur of the bridal bouquet. Even a bouquet that is too small may not make its worthy presence, so how to choose the right bouquet shape. We must start by considering the miss of the bride and the type of dress chosen. If we have a totally white princely dress, surely a medium-sized dome bouquet, with pastel shades, will help to embellish the figure of the bride. While if you have a mermaid dress with a plunging neckline, a “slender” cascading bouquet can be a very apt accessory. If you are an unusual bride who has chosen a lego bouquet as an accessory for the big day, surely staying on a small size is the right decision to be particular but at the same time elegant. As you can see the proportions of the bouquet are very important, so they must not be neglected.

3. Which flowers to choose?

The choice of flowers falls a lot on the wedding theme that has been decided to use. If you have chosen a country-style floral arrangement, the bouquet should reflect that line. The colors also play a fundamental role in the bouquet, thanks to them the figure of the bride is colored making it even more magical.

If you have floral preferences that are not included in the bouquet, it is not a problem, you can easily decide to enrich the bouquet with flowers chosen outside the setting.

Trust your florist to have flowers that last throughout the wedding day. Deciding to choose seasonal flowers is certainly a good choice, in order to keep their appearance at best.

Kate Middleton bouquet

If instead you are oriented on alternative wedding flowers, you will have no limits in the choice. Because they do not fear the heat and therefore do not wither and you can also have any flower of any color tone, at any time of the year.


4. Think about the hairstyle

A mistake that is often made is not to think about the accessories that go around the bouquet. Button rings, bridesmaid bracelets, cufflinks and hair accessories, etc … are very important in defining the bride’s outfit.

Never forget to get a hair clip made for your hairstyle that matches the bouquet. Surely if you have entrusted yourself to a professional in the creation of the bouquet, she will have no problem in coordinating with your hairdresser to understand how to best make a hair clip that embellishes your hairstyle.

Whether it’s a braid or a crop, leave nothing to chance.

5. Wedding style

As we said before, taking into account the style of the wedding is very important. Based on the chosen theme, everything that revolves around the wedding is determined, including the bridal bouquet. It is important that all flower arrangements are in harmony with the chosen location, as well as with the atmosphere you want to create on the wedding day.

Do not forget any details, because they are the ones that make the difference and try to bring them back into the bouquet. For example, if you have decided to get married by the sea and there will be shells as the main object in the setting, insert them also in the bouquet. If, on the other hand, the wedding is in shabby chic style and white lace is very present, propose to your florist to use lace ribbons that close the bouquet. What if the theme is Japan? No problem we can make your bouquet with Japanese paper Takeo and insert origami!

Respecting the chosen line gives the possibility of being able to create a well-set wedding and also there is no risk of going into confusion. So, first rule, clear ideas on the line to take for your wedding.

6. Decide in time

One last tip is to dedicate yourself to the bouquet at least two or three months before the wedding date. If you have decided on a bouquet of fresh flowers , outline in advance with your florist how you would like your bouquet, gives you the possibility of having second thoughts and being able to intervene in time.

If instead you would like an alternative bouquet, remember that they are artistic creations, unique pieces made just for you. They are handmade petal by petal products, so it takes time to make them. Furthermore, since a particular bouquet does not wither, there will be no problems in keeping it at home while waiting for your wedding, on the contrary you can dedicate yourself to other wedding tasks.


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