Ball bouquet how it is made and when to choose it


Ball bouquet how it is made and when to choose it

One of the trends that has established itself in the wedding sector is that of the use of ball bridal bouquet , a particular type of newly designed bouquet which is suitable for all brides who feel modern and glamorous.

The Bridal Ball Bouquet

Weddings every year undergo the influences and fashion trends. There are always different and beautiful news to discover. Some of them take over and thus become a trend for many to follow. One of the trends that in recent years has taken precedence over others and has been chosen by hundreds of future brides is the ball bouquet . This particular bridal bouquet is innovative, glamorous and particular. It allows every bride to be at the forefront, maintaining the classicism and above all to take on a unique and particular style.

What is the ball bouquet

The ball bouquet is a particular bridal bouquet which is carried on the arm as if it were a bracelet glamorous and floral. The bouquet is made with a perfect round shape to which a satin or tulle ribbon is attached.

This way the bride can carry it directly on her arm and not in her hand. By many, this type of bridal bouquet is also called by the term of handbag bridal bouquet , because every woman can safely carry it as if it were a wrist bag.

Which flowers can be used to make the ball bridal bouquet?

THE ball bridal bouquet they cannot be made with every kind of flower but with some specific flowers, among these the most used are the rose and the freesias that adapt perfectly to the type of shape to be made.

Generally, one of the two types of flower is chosen and the desired composition is created. The colors of the ball bridal bouquets are the most varied, because being a fashion and glamor bouquet allows you to opt (and dare) for any color.

When to choose this type of bridal bouquet?

The ball bridal bouquet despite being a latest generation and totally original product, it can also be chosen for classic weddings. In fact, it is usually composed only of roses and / or freesias, so the final result always returns something extremely romantic.

How is the ball bridal bouquet made?

To make the ball bridal bouquet is the use of fresh flowers is not recommended because the joint to make the ball perfect, could somehow dent and ruin the various flowers.

The choice can and must fall on a alternative wedding bouquet made up of hand made fake flowers. More and more brides are choosing to arrive at the altar with a bouquet of fake flowers, because it is now trendy and because it allows you to keep its beauty unchanged for the duration of the ceremony and celebrations.

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