Wedding ideas: when you start organizing it

If you are looking for ideas and advice for your marriage , you have come to the right page.


After years in the wedding industry I can tell you that the experience in the field teaches a lot. When you start organizing a big event, if you don’t have a minimum of experience, you risk getting lost along the way of the organization.

In this, there are professionals in the sector where you can turn to for support like the wedding planner or the same wedding photographer you have chosen can help you understand which direction to take. Often even the locations do a job of assistance to the spouses. Relying on those with a lot of experience is certainly the right choice. Since I also have a background in the wedding field, I decided to dedicate this blog to you bride that you begin to read up on how you could organize yours wedding . Surely you are looking for inspiration or you are just discovering those services or goodies, which you don’t even know exist.

I have divided the blog into four sections, so that you can navigate more easily and find what you are looking for in a targeted manner.


A section dedicated to the latest trends but also to all those curiosities and background that are often not revealed.


Bridal bouquet

My sector! In addition to many tips on alternative bouquets, you will also find useful information on how to choose the flowers for your wedding and therefore also the bridal bouquet .


Unusual brides

Through the experiences of those who have already married, you will be able to clarify your ideas and be able to make your decisions more confidently.



If you are a creative bride, here you can find video tutorials that will help you achieve paper flowers maybe for yours floral arrangement or for your favors.


crepe paper flowers

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