Every bride would like her bouquet of flowers to be the most beautiful. But in keeping with the saying, "what is beautiful is not beautiful, but what one likes is beautiful", it is very personal. A typical case was the bridal bouquet of Melissa Satta , who chose a round and very large composition, consisting of roses, lisianthus and peonies and which has raised a lot of criticism. But she liked it. And that's enough.
Over the years there have been many trends that have crossed the wedding fashion, sometimes creating real upheavals. One of these concerns the choice of bouquet since over the years it has seen a real evolution of genre and style (while still remaining a must have).
December it's a beautiful month to get married. OK it's cold, but the approach of the Christmas makes everything more beautiful and jovial. We bouquet artisans are also working with greater enthusiasm this month: mysteries of the magic of Christmas, who knows.
The most talked about and popular wedding of 2018 was the one between the digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni and the rapper Fedez. It has been talked about everywhere. We are interested in talking about yours bridal bouquet and then let's go immediately to find out how it was composed.