Silk flowers


Silk flowers

In Japan, they were made since ancient times silk flowers intended for use as hats or to decorate clothes. We started from the coloring of the fabric and then created each single petal, where it was defined and shaped to give life to beautiful creations. This technique bears the name of somebana. This type of processing has also been present in Europe since 1900 and one of the first countries to practice it was France. Today we see high fashion houses like Dior , with large inside masters in the processing of silk flowers , create spectacular things to complement outfits that are works of art.

A work that gives you emotions with silk flowers

In recent periods I have undertaken studies to be able to offer you new and increasingly particular and very elegant proposals. The last one is the somebana technique, which is giving me the opportunity to make gods silk flowers from the delicacy and unique design. Not being a technique practiced in Italy, I had to embark on the study of books in Japanese.

Not an easy undertaking, but I believe that when you have the desire to learn, you can learn with everything.

silk flowers

So don’t think I’m going to buy petals of flowers in silk already pre-packaged or go and buy some parts already made because it is not so. I make everything done by hand. Do not you believe it?


So I’ll show you, because I want you to be aware of the great importance that such a work can have, when you decide to buy it. It is important to understand the workbehind it and the passion that gives rise to this composition.



While I was making these roses, I was in a passage where I had to paint silk … Using newspaper magazines to soak up the color, I realized I came across a page that sounded like my slogan. The title was: “I transform the ordinary into the extraordinary” and it is precisely the concept that I would like you to understand in order to convey the importance of my works.

silk flowers

And I hope that seeing these videos and maybe browsing my site, all my creations can convey my feeling towards this job. For me Unusual Bouquet is not just a brand put online just for, but it is something that goes beyond and that I nurture every day to make it grow in the best way.

The fruit that comes from this care and dedication is for you who no longer want to invest your money in objects without a soul.

You want something that goes further and that makes you dream when you see him for the first time … that makes you say: “He is what I wanted! It’s wonderful!”

And when you are satisfied with what you have in your hands, you are proud of your purchase too.


Every day I work to achieve this goal, GIVE YOU EMOTIONS and if that means studying 100 books in Japanese, so be it. Because there is nothing more gratifying for an artist than to give that thrill and that smile, when one of his works is contemplated.


Silk flowers for your bridal bouquet

As you can see, the silk flowers made with the somebana technique have a very delicate result, and by combining a particular design you get an incredible result. And don’t forget that the material you see is silk. Perfectly suited for a bride like you who wants elegance and highly refined products.


For your wedding you want only the best and above all you will want to allocate your budget in an intelligent way, without waste. Surely by choosing an Unusual bouquet with silk flowers, you will be able to embrace the philosophy of Unusual Bouquetwhich combines eco friendly with art. An ethical choice, which gives you the opportunity to have a unique work created just for you and that represents you for your wedding. But most importantly, you will make an ecological choice because I know that you are very careful about your environment and undoubtedly you will have also chosen eco-sustainable favors.

silk flowers

Well friend, today you have known a new way to be able to give birth to yours bridal bouquet and not only that, you could also understand that behind an Unusual work there is a great emotion that we can build together.

Another thing I love is being able to help brides and my years of experience in the wedding field allow me to do it. In this regard, I have created a series of articles for you that you can find in my area blog . Meanwhile, go and look at yourselfsome tips that will help you outline your look from bride, you will see that they will be very useful to you.



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