Bridal Bouquet 2021

bridal bouquet 2021

Bridal Bouquet 2021

Today we can really say: we are back to get married! Finally, always with the necessary precautions, we are allowed to still dream of the best day of our life … with your feet on the ground! So we have to start studying and start getting information on all the trends that can help us organize our own marriage . And as you know I love to help brides, so I decided to create this article that is a little unusual but that can help you to break out of the box with style without remaining in the common of the fashions of the moment.

What are the fashion trends in terms of bridal bouquets 2021?

Yes why if we are planning our wedding , we have to think concretely about all the details: what is missing in a fairytale wedding dress , to be a truly perfect outfit?

But it’s simple, the bridal bouquet !

Even an accessory like this has its own style rules and a precise dress code to respect; moreover, each bouquet reflects and represents the bride who wears it, with character and personality.

Continuing with the reading we will discover together all the most popular trends of the latest fashion collections, inspired by the most beautiful brides.

Not only that, we will be making forays into local country weddings , the unique and picturesque ones that are celebrated in the churches of our boot, from north to south.

All the trendy bridal bouquets 2021: the astilbe

fabric flowers


And the new wedding bouquet 2021 , a deck made with this lively flower , characterized by small and fluffy petals that come together in colorful cascades that immediately make a party.

It is for sure a original bridal bouquet , from the effect plumage almost ethereal and evanescent, worthy of one of the protagonists of Pride and Prejudice.

(Photo: A&Y Video – Bouquet: El Jardín de mamá Ana)


If the Bennet sisters had commissioned me a bride bouquet , surely I would have made one like this, refined in shades of white and pink, or more bright in red and mauve.

The bridal bouquet 2021 with astilbe it also goes very well with calla lilies and roses.

The pampas for brides who want to amaze with impressive bouquets

Remember a vaporous ear , rich in feathers and with a sure aesthetic impact: the bridal bouquet 2021 enriched with pampas certainly does not go unnoticed and is dedicated to the most original and unconventional brides.

bridal bouquet 2021

Credits: Pinterest

This type of composition goes very well with a vintage empire-style wedding dress with a high waist, like the ladies of the late nineteenth century.

In combination, I would propose one chaplet of wildflowers , so as to lighten the entire outfit and give a delicate and distinctly spring Provençal scent.

The wedding hoop bouquet 2021 is the trend of the year

It is perfect for shabby chic, vintage and country weddings, but also for newlyweds who are passionate about Celtic music.
L’ hoop wedding bouquet it is a real hula hoop studded with colorful flowers, leaves and succulents, on a wooden or metal core.


It is carried by hand, yes, just like a modern handbag!

It can become a handbag or a rattle tambourine; it is allowed to intertwine any type of flower and palm, the important thing is to respect the circular shape that distinguishes it.
The hoop bouquet is an opportunity to exhibit a unique and original floral composition , outside the box and with an assured aesthetic impact.

The 2021 bridal bouquet is deconstructed

Compared to the shape of classic bouquets, which are more rigid and stiff, the bouquet of flowers of the bride 2021 it is unstructured, composed of flowers collected and united in a spontaneous and natural way.


No lace fabric or veil, but a simple satin ribbon is enough to keep the scented buds tied.

bridal bouquet 2021

Among the super trendy colors, “that bouquet of flowers of the glamorous bride “stands out for some must have shades such as Burgundy , a very seductive and contrasting Burgundy, to be combined with the white of poppies, perhaps with a central color of the same shade and with the purple of lavender: it looks a lot like burgundy, but with fresher hints.





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