Bridal Bouquet: Customs and Bon Ton

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Bridal Bouquet: Customs and Bon Ton

There are not a few newlyweds who, caught by sudden doubt and eager to respect the traditions and the protocol imposed by bon ton, ask who delivers the bouquet to the bride and when. I try to answer these and others questions about the bouquet , following the rules established by etiquette and from tradition .

Who delivers the bouquet to the bride?

The bouquet must be sent to the bride before the ceremony , possibly delivered to your home. In Italy there are various interpretations as to who and how it should be delivered.

One of the most popular, he wants it to be the mother-in-law to give it to the bride , at home or in front of the church entrance.

Actually the etiquette wants it to be a future husband gift who must also make sure that he can find it at home in the morning during the preparations. There is nothing wrong with giving it to your trusted florist, perhaps together with a love message .

I add, that since for the reasons that we will see shortly, the bouquet must be in harmony with the wedding dress, it is better if the bride herself chooses it , since the future husband will not see the wedding dress before the fateful moment.

How should the bride’s bouquet be?

Traditions-and-Customs-of-the-BouquetThe bridal bouquet absolutely must be in line with the dress , as well as all the other accessories chosen. Consequently it will be the floral arrangement of the place where the wedding will be celebrated (church, municipality, location that is) to have to adapt to choice of flowers and colors of the bouquet , as in an orderly domino: “dress-bouquet-floral decorations”.

When it comes to dress style , we take everything into consideration: dress, pins, shoes, gloves, etc., but also the silhouette of the bride . All these elements will affect the choice of bouquet of flowers .

In fact, the bridal bouquet is no longer just a classic bouquet , but it can be of various shapes, from the simplest (ball, single flower, bunch) to the most refined (waterfall, drop, hoop bouquet).

Furthermore, depending on the flowers, colors and decorative elements used, it can be romantic, minimal, chic, exotic, flockloristic or futuristic.

As we have already listed several times on this blog, in fact, there are different types of bouquets and depending on the type we can strongly mark the style of our wedding.

If we take the classic bunch or the round one, we can combine it with the vast majority of dress, stature and build.

If, on the other hand, the bride is tall, with a slim figure, the combination with is certainly successful cascading bouquet bulky.

Then you can stand for hours to say how it should be wedding bouquet more suitable for you , but I am of the opinion that the right one is what you like , what strikes you, what makes you say “ here is my bridal bouquet “.

The Launch of the Bouquet

wedding bouquet traditions and bon ton

Let’s end this review on the traditions of the bridal bouquet, talking about the moment of throwing the bouquet . It is a very emotional moment, which must be performed with your back to the unmarried guests who are also eager to get married.

But one extremely romantic and more recent tradition , wants the bridal bouquet to be given to the best friend if still single. A nice gesture that strips itself of the correlation with luck and is filled with meanings: among all, love and special friendship.

The latest trends reserve the use of a special bouquet, the throwing bouquet . This, if made in fake flowers , it can be kept forever by the friend who receives it, and personally it seems to me a great gesture.

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