Bridal bouquet inspiration: a collection inspired by brides

bouquet rosa

Bridal bouquet inspiration: a collection inspired by brides

The Inspiration bridal bouquet collection is a combination of craftsmanship, artistry and care for the environment to offer you unique bouquets. To give you a unique emotion.

How the Inspiration bridal bouquet collection was born

One thing I love to do in my job is to listen to the brides. Before we go on to design an order, there is a whole phase that takes place beforehand, which is about talking and listening. In the beginning, the bride is always a little wary and even embarrassed by this unusual approach. Then, when she feels that there is real attention focused on her emotions, she lets go and understands that there is a person on the other side who is interested in what she is saying and whose goal is to make her happy.

At the end of the process, each bride leaves me with a baggage full of experience and life together. This baggage joins the others, making me grow professionally and humanly.

Because of the pandemic, I had a very long period of work stoppage which I decided not to “throw away” but to make use of.

But how could I take advantage of this time if nobody followed me anymore?

People were interested in other things. All my brides were postponing their wedding dates. How could I continue creating with all that was happening?

I only had those bags left to hold on to.


I decided to make the most of the time I had, opening them up, exploring everything the Unusual brides had left me. I looked back and as hard as it was, I tried to look forward. I told myself that the time had come to make everything concrete, to bring it all together so that I could create new works. I had to bring together all the essence that I had gathered from each of them over the years: situations, emotions and different ways of being.

There was a moment of confusion… among a thousand negative emotions, I didn’t know how to evolve from a chrysalis into a butterfly…. all attempts failed.

I was trying to fly again, when all around me there was an enormous hurricane that never stopped… and every time that its violent vortex seemed to want to calm down, giving a glimpse of light, it began again… more violent than ever.

I had to find a solution… I had to fly again… even if it wasn’t the time.

So I took my precious luggage, clutched it to me, so that it could help me keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. Then I turned my anger at that hurricane into strength.

I kept trying and trying and trying again… until my hands had the courage to connect with my mind, and I began to create the first bridal bouquet of the Inspiration collection.

A name not given at random, but wanted, because thanks to the Unusual brides I was inspired. Without that great baggage I inherited, I would never have been able to understand where to start on a path that even now is illuminated by a new, more mature flame of creative passion, lit during a hurricane and still burning today, more than ever.

A collection that believes in values

What I wanted to do with Bouquet Inspiration was to create something unique dedicated to the months of the year. So that I could combine my professional experience with a creative theme that would help me along this path.

This path led me to study books in Japanese in order to learn the ancient technique of Somebana. It led me to enter the Michelangelo Foundation’s European Homo Faber guide. It led me to be selected among 40 Italian green entrepreneurs for: The Stand up! Capacity Building Program, the European programme of activities to develop new circular and sustainable business ideas for textiles and fashion in the Mediterranean, organised in Italy by the Museo del Tessuto in Prato.

This collection marks the beginning of an important chapter in my career, and I am now very proud to present it to you:

The silks used to make the Inspiration Bridal Bouquet collection, are OEKO-TEX® certified where it indicates that the manufacturer has been certified as environmentally friendly in both processes and factories, as well as tested for harmful substances.

In addition, many of the silks I use come from haute couture ateliers that have decided to give a second life to their waste, giving me the privilege of being able to process anything they no longer need. One of these is El’Sa sartoria.

As you may have guessed by now, my determination to contribute to the protection of the environment always leads me to look for new solutions to offer you a valid alternative to cultivated cut flowers. Behind the brightly coloured and excessive beauty there is great environmental and social exploitation. I invite you to find out more by reading this article “What lies behind flowers?” because I know that you are a sensitive person and do not want to dwell on appearances alone.

My firm intention is to raise awareness of the reality behind the cut flower by offering you a creation that is handcrafted, artistic and environmentally friendly. To be able to guarantee all this, I am constantly looking for unique designs and innovative techniques, which can help me to offer you a unique work of art.

And now I will leave you with the Inspiration bridal bouquet collection with a few hints about each creation. But if your curiosity goes further, I suggest you go and read the story of each of them, because each bouquet you see has been commissioned by a different bride with a different personality and style.

Autumn Messy Bouquet – November-
The Autumn Messy bouquet you see is an explosive composition with a rebellious character, with very incisive and particular nuances. The flowers chosen are different types of roses, such as the delicate and bursting Iceberg in pink and straw yellow, Hybrid Tea in orange shades and the English rose, which is very popular in wedding flowers.

The symbolic colour of the wedding, white, was inserted using orchid branches accompanied by anemone flowers. Classic autumn leaves curled in bright colours were also used.


Posy bridal bouquet – December-

A posy bridal bouquet with a colour palette designed for the month of December.

The creation you see is composed of wedding flowers such as calla lilies in crepe rubber, crepe paper roses worked in two colours, green paper foliage and by lunaria or called “Pope’s coins”, made with brass metal.


Bridal Bouquet Snow -January-

This bridal bouquet wants to interpret the snow, symbol of the month of January, recreating it in all its shades of blue.

The silk flowers you see are made from scraps from the Elsa Sartoria atelier, where I highly recommend you go and see her wedding dresses.
But that’s not all, the flowers with their vaporous presence were created from recycled silk from a curtain which, before being a flower, adorned a bedroom.

bouquet neve arte moderna

Hoop bridal bouquet -February-

I created wooden branches out of crepe paper which I worked into a special design. The circular shape comes to life with three different branches intertwining in a play of soft lines. All decorated with feather and silk flowers made entirely by hand.




Pageant bridal bouquet -March-

The Pageant bouquet is similar to a waterfall, which can be created with a downward or upward direction. With the latter, the bride has the option of placing the bouquet on her forearm, so as to have a different bridal pose than usual. The bouquet you are seeing was made from silk flowers.


Spring bridal bouquet -April-

In order to be able to offer you a bouquet with a brilliance equal to that of wild flowers, I had to undertake several studies both on materials and on how to mix the colour well. And after many attempts I managed to find the right harmony to give you a great result. These wild flowers you see are accompanied by bright Irises and Hydrangeas, all made of silk.


Pink bridal bouquet -May-

Handcrafted, artistic and eco-friendly, three very important definitions that revolve around Unusual Bouquet’s bouquets and the pink bouquet is also part of this philosophy. The silk flowers are made from OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics and vegetable-based colours. In addition, fabric scraps from the atelier that made the bride and groom’s dress were used.

bouquet rosa

Peacock Feather Bouquet -June-

The silk flowers made for the peacock feather bridal bouquet are lisianthus, rosebuds and peonies all accompanied by peacock feathers.


Calle bouquet -July-

July’s bouquet of calla lilies, created entirely from discarded silks from Giuseppe Papini’s atelier. Precious fabrics that were used to make fabulous wedding dresses are now part of the recycling project by Unusual Bouquet.

bouquet di calle

Wildflower Bouquet -August-

This bouquet was conceived for the bride who will wear it. A bride who decided to have her dress made from fair trade fabrics from India. Lavender, umbrellas, ears of corn and ivy are accompanied by flowers with an ethnic vibe. All enhanced by iceberg roses with a unique brilliance.



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