Bridal Bouquet: What are December flowers? ALL!


Bridal Bouquet: What are December flowers? ALL!

December it’s a beautiful month to get married. OK it’s cold, but the approach of the Christmas makes everything more beautiful and jovial. We bouquet artisans are also working with greater enthusiasm this month: mysteries of the magic of Christmas, who knows.

Those who may find it difficult to get married in this period are the newlyweds who are forced to to choose , for their bouquet , between a limited number of flowers . At least until today it was like that …

December flowers for the bridal bouquet



If any bride and groom were in trouble in the choice of flowers for her December bouquet , we begin to cheer her up by saying that they exist at least 7 species of fresh flowers usable in this period. But if your favorite flower is not possible to find it, it is possible to reproduce it by hand in various types of material (it’s my job :-)).

But let’s start with listing the flowers of December for the bridal bouquet .

  1. Buttercup: Ranunculus is one of the winter flowers most appreciated by brides and always present in winter bouquets.
  2. Anemone: It is a large white flower with a completely black center. It gives life to beautiful contrasts.
  3. Narcissus: flower available in white and yellow shades, symbol of purity. Very suitable for a wedding for its meaning.
  4. Tulip: It starts flowering in December, so it can be found, especially in white and pink shades.
  5. Pink: There Pink always assists us. Even in December they can be found. Beautiful in white color.
  6. Christmas Star: If the wedding is close to Christmas, even if it is taken for granted, it might be an idea to include this flower in the bouquet.
  7. Christmas Rose: The Christmas rose is the common name of Hellebore. Very beautiful both in white and in pink and purple with yellow pistils.

Along with these, you can also use other particular flowers like the viola hortensis or the snowdrop , typical of this period but perhaps more difficult to frame in a bridal bouquet, the first for the purple color that is avoided for good luck, the second for the difficulty in finding them already in December .

Flowers for the Bridal Bouquet in December? All!

December flowers for the bouquet

December flowers for the bridal bouquet? Anyone you like!

As we said at the beginning, get married in December can create some limitations to marriage same. First of all the wedding dress he will have to provide a “jacket” so as not to let the bride die of cold. Then the ceremony , which you will almost certainly have to do indoors , as well as the buffet .

But at least as for the flowers NO. There are no limitations thanks to people like me who can recreate any type of flower in any season. And that’s why yours bridal bouquet it should not necessarily be composed of winter flowers available in December.

With i alternative bouquets , we can include in our winter wedding bouquet peonies, poppies, calla lilies, gerberas, lilies and any other flower you like , even if it’s not its flowering season.

Artistic bouquets that last over time

THE alternative bouquets of Unusual Bouquet , are all handmade with specific techniques that can:

  • recreate any flower faithfully
  • to elaborate the idea of flower itself, making it something beautiful that is trendy

And so, next to paper and fabric, there are jewels, buttons, rubber, copper foils and all that is mouldable matter , limited only by the level of skill and the imagination of the bouquet craftsman in charge of the realization.

Don’t call them fake flowers

But don’t call them fake or artificial flowers . These are not cheap plastic bouquets that you can buy on Amazon or Ebay.

Lisianthus handmade

Lisianthus handmade

In Unusual Bouquet nothing is printed and nothing is done in series .

I’m Art bouquet , the same ones that are often used on international fashion catwalks, handmade, flower by flower, bouquet by bouquet.

An alternative bouquet is a unique and unreproducible bouquet. Just like you and your marriage. 7

And you? Which flowers would you like for your bridal bouquet?

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