Bridal bouquet. What to combine with English Roses

English roses bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet. What to combine with English Roses

For a chic and refined wedding more and more brides are choosing an alternative bouquet made with english roses . This particular type of rose is very appreciated for its simplicity, because with its extreme elegance it easily combines with different colors and other types of flowers.

The English Rose in Bridal Bouquets

There English Rose , also called Austin Rose , was born thanks to the work of the English hybridizer from which it takes its name who, with extraordinary intuition, crossed Ancient roses with hybrids of Tea and Floribunda .

David Austin , combining the best characteristics, such as the splendid blooms of modern roses and the fragrances of ancient roses, he managed to obtain, after several attempts, the English rose that, today, we know.

English roses differ in their particular shape: they are very large and each flower is composed of many petals that come together to form a delicate sphere.
Another peculiarity is that they guarantee flowering throughout the summer, from spring to autumn. Even if it does not seem, given the delicacy of the petals, these roses are also very resistant. This is why they are often used as decorative elements for weddings and other events.

In fact, especially in recent years, i bouquet of english roses they are becoming more and more in demand. Many brides, enraptured by the beauty of this particular rose, choose it to accompany them on their big day. Being roses characterized by an apparent simplicity in the forms, they can be easily combined with other plants and colors.

Types of bridal bouquets with English roses

English roses are perfect for creating a bridal bouquet with vintage flavors , suitable for a romantic and refined woman to. THE bouquet of english roses they give the bride an elegance of other times but at the same time they manage to be extremely modern and in step with the times.

They are characterized by soft and pastel colors: from pure white to cream, from candy pink to more lively colors, it will therefore be very simple to choose the variety of English rose that well meets the needs and tastes of the bride.

With what to combine the English rose in bridal bouquets

Depending on the color and variety of English rose chosen, you can combine different flowers, green leaves or fabrics that will then complete the bouquet.

For a romantic bride you can, for example, opt for a classic round composition with visible stems. The english roses they can be tied together with a satin ribbon of the same color and matched with flowers such as hydrangeas, classic white roses and various foliage.

For a bride who loves simplicity, the choice of the so-called can also be interesting mono-flower bouquet . In fact, we can choose to combine the different varieties of English roses with each other, creating a mix of colors and shapes, buds and flowers.

Its incredible beauty, combined with the delicacy of its colors, makes the English rose one of the wedding flowers most loved by brides. The bouquet of english roses is perfect for anyone who dreams of a romantic wedding , refined ed elegant.



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