Bridal bouquet with peonies: everything you need to know before the wedding

Peony wedding flowers

Bridal bouquet with peonies: everything you need to know before the wedding

The bridal bouquet with peonies it is the ideal accessory for the bride to be who wants to embellish her dream dress with something romantic, from a fairy tale: the peony, in fact, is the emblem of love.

In addition, it is a great alternative to the rose, a more classic flower that symbolizes lovers and passion: choose one bridal bouquet with peonies it is an original variant inspired by oriental cultures.

The meaning of a flower loved by all brides

Peony is a purely spring flower which blooms between May and June, known in China and Japan as a symbol of love and good luck, a bit like the lotus flower.

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Peony is also used in traditional medicine as a curative therapy for headaches, anxiety and muscle aches.

They marry wonderfully (just to stay on topic) with other varieties of flowers, such as tulips, i buttercups , with orchids and traditional red, white and pink roses.

Thanks to bridal bouquet with peonies in silk that I make strictly by hand, the romantic bride will be able to show off her accessory throughout the year.

This is the peculiarity of the unusual bridal bouquet in silk, the ability to transform into perfect evergreens, regardless of the flowering season of the floral variety.



The demanding and nonconformist bride, my favorite, can request her own bridal bouquet with peonies customized.
With roses for a classic and exquisitely taste country chic , or more sophisticated with buttercups and tulips?

Peonies find the perfect marriage even with hydrangeas , for a delicate look that turns into pastel shades.

But, in nature, how many shades of peonies are there?

All those that my unusual brides want: from pastel and sugared almond shades of peach and sugar paper, to the intense ones of blue and Burgunty.

This last color, in particular, is really trendy and this is confirmed by the renowned Pantone website, a true guru of graphic design.


Peony wedding flowers

Together with the Vinery, a brilliant pomace, Burgunty, in its matt meaning, adds that enigmatic and mysterious touch to the bridal bouquet with peonies that makes the difference!

Let’s not forget another great classic of bridal floral bouquets, namely the blue peony : intense and impactful, it gives a decisive and defined aesthetic effect.

The thornless rose so loved by brides all over the world

The peony is also commonly called the rose without thorns , and is formed by many petals of different sizes superimposed on each other, a bit like the shape of the artichoke.

For this reason, it is a rather voluminous and impactful flower that steals the show: to create a bridal bouquet with peonies refined, it is necessary to dose the floral varieties with balance.



A skilful use of shapes and colors guarantees the creation of a perfect accessory down to the smallest detail, proportionate and cared for.

For a nonconformist spirit and for the bride who wants to dare with a alternative bouquet , you can add ears of wheat and wild flowers, buttercups and violets.

A fragrant flower that enhances the location.

The peony is not just the romantic flower for the bride’s bouquet, but can also be inserted in floral compositions in the interior and exterior of the ceremony.

For example, it will be possible decorate with peonies the path from the nave to the altar, or the arch of flowers under which the promises of love will be exchanged.

A brilliant idea is to collect some peonies in a wooden box and get some romantic place cards on the wedding banquet.

Or again, to get a fil rouge with the bridal bouquet with peonies , can embellish the hairstyle of the bride to be ( always unusual, I recommend ).



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