Cascade or drop bouquet? The differences

differences between waterfall and drop bouquets

Cascade or drop bouquet? The differences

Between bouquet most used by brides in recent years we find both the cascading bouquet that the teardrop bouquet . Very similar bouquets in some ways but with some differences substantial. What are these differences? Let’s see them together.

Bridal Bouquet: The latest trends

In recent years, alongside the classic bridal bouquet small and delicate, many other types of bouquets have sprung up, different in shape and size. Among these, some of the most chosen were the cascading bouquet and the teardrop bouquet.

Both are distinguished by their refined style. Furthermore, the creativity of the master florists has allowed the creation of original, elegant and particular compositions.

The two bouquets, although at first glance they may seem identical, have characteristics and details that make them different.

In this article we will therefore analyze the elements that make them similar but not the same. We will also understand which type of bouquet is best suited to one bride rather than another.

The Cascade Bouquet


cascading wedding bouquet

The cascading bouquet it is a very bridal bouquet particular which, as the name implies, is made up of a cascade of flowers. It can be of various sizes and lengths depending on the flowers we choose.

It is usually made for those brides who have chosen an important dress, especially if the latter comes with a wide skirt, or for princely style dresses. Honestly, I also like it for long-limbed brides who choose a tighter wedding dress.

This bouquet is very suitable if you choose to organize a wedding in style. If, on the other hand, you opt for a more sober style, resulting in a simple and essential wedding dress (but not for this inelegant, see dress by Meghan Markle ) it would be better to turn to another shape for your bouquet.

Authoritative sources in the world of wedding fashion, say that in order to wear a cascading bouquet, the bride should preferably be slim and tall, in such a way as to be able to emphasize the beauty of this type of floral composition to the maximum.

The flowers that we can choose for this kind of bouquet are practically all, even if roses of every color are preferred. A little green and other flowers that create a pleasant “match” with the roses and make it superlative.

The Teardrop Bouquet




This particular bouquet compared to the cascading one, is slightly more content . Its dimensions are not only smaller, but also more defined and the shape it tends to is that of the classic drop of water.

Also in this case we can choose any flower. Very nice the realization that involves the use of flowers in bud. These buds should be very small such as those of roses, calla lilies, lilies or orchids.

To give it shape, the flowers are placed so that they fall along the dress. The teardrop bouquet should be carried in the hand holding it in front of the dress. To facilitate the bride in wearing it, it is done with a bracelet annex, which allows you to keep it comfortably with you without any discomfort and with greater freedom of movement.

Again the teardrop wedding bouquet it is recommended for slim and tall women. The ideal dress could be with a train, with a mermaid shape, simple but elegant at the same time.

There are therefore subtle but clear differences between the two bouquets. There are no particular constraints for the colors, which can be freely chosen according to the tastes and style of the wedding.


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