IS time to meet.

You entered my world and if you have read mine who I am , by now you will also know my raw professional growth. All the birth of my artistic soul to date, written for you.

You will be able to get to know me and understand how I work, a phase that I consider fundamental to be able to give birth to one tuning between us and later a trust, which will lead us towards the realization of YOURS bridal bouquet .

The alternative bouquets signed Unusual Bouquet, are not a simple accessory created for the bride, but they are a Opera that identifies you, a single piece created just for you. All strictly Handmade , without additional pre-packaged pieces.

You, who trust me, you deserve dedication e attention for every detail. Nothing will be overlooked, because you will have to be rewarded for your choice. You will have to be proud of what you get, and I will make sure that this will happen.

By deciding to have an Unusual bouquet, you don’t just choose a form of artistic expression, but you also move towards an ethical choice based on respect for ecology. Eco friendly it is philosophy which led me to found Unusual Bouquet and that I have embraced for many years now, carrying it forward with great pride.

My site is for you too source of inspiration . Thanks to years of experience in the field of wedding , I was able to develop an area blog dedicated to organizing weddings, the latest wedding dress trends and of course everything you need to know about bridal bouquet .

This and much more has been made available to you where you can get ideas and ideas for the organization of your wedding.

This is my email [email protected] it will be a pleasure to get to know you and read what you want for your wedding.

But if you prefer a direct form of contact, you can contact me at the number +39 3478648041.

Or if you want to continue to know me, go and have a look on my official page Facebook or follow my photos on my wall Instagram .
I’m also on Twitter is Pinterest . Also I have a channel YouTube , where you can see how I make my paper flowers.

Dear reader, understand you e be able to help you it’s the best part of my job. What do you think, we want to start this path together ?

I wait for you!


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