Country, Shabby and Boho Chic Bridal Bouquet. What are the differences

country chic bouquet

Country, Shabby and Boho Chic Bridal Bouquet. What are the differences

The marriage is the most important day in a woman’s life, and the bridal bouquet plays a fundamental role (even for the lucky one who will receive it during the launch). The bouquet must respect one’s tastes, but above all be in harmony with the dress and the theme chosen to celebrate the wedding.

Each bouquet of flowers can be made in different ways, but above all respecting one’s tastes, not necessarily following the latest trend of the year, but also appreciating styles and fashions of several years back. Here are some very popular and never out of fashion trends.

Shabby Chic Wedding Bouquet

shabby chic wedding bouquet


The Shabby Chihc style, known to many, made its first debut in Britain many years ago. This style was created for home furnishings in order to recreate the atmosphere and design of the ancient English country house. The arrival of French influence changed some characters, recalling the style of the French castles typical of the Provence Region.

To date, Shabby Chic is a technique in vogue and used for different purposes, thanks to which it is possible to restore dated objects giving them a new light and a vintage look.

A Shabby Chic bouquet it is very special. It is created by choosing pastel shades: antique pink, dusty blue and even antique red. The latter, associated with jewels and ribbons, make a bouquet perfectly compliant with the style, but above all elegant. In addition, the choice of handmade flowers does not limit personalization and is a great way to preserve the bouquet for a lifetime.

Boho Chic Wedding Bouquet

Boho chic bouquet


Style Boho Chic was born in the last decade in the fashion world, thanks to the union of two different cultures: Boheme and Hippy. This style can already be seen from the choice of location, usually this type of weddings take place in the countryside or simply in a rural setting decorated with elegant flowers and bows.

The Boho Chic Bouquet will reflect the elegance of the location. The flowers chosen for the creation of the bouquet are country flowers, symbol of simplicity and purity, such as: daisies, white roses, red roses and poppies. This style is distinguished from others by the particularity of the veil that wraps the flowers: totally made with crochet and with small beads positioned on the handle.

Country Chic Wedding Bouquet

country chic bouquet


The Country style is very reminiscent of Shabby Chic, the difference is minimal and you must be careful to avoid that your wedding and the bouquet are a hybrid that does not reflect either of the two. Unlike the Shabby, the Country Chic Bouquet it is the mirror of rural areas par excellence; characterized by genuineness and simplicity. The bouquet reflects a totally eco-friendly style, the materials often used are: twine, cotton and also explains them, in short, the most unthinkable elements for the creation of a bouquet. The most popular colors are: brown, red and yellow and a bit of wholesome imagination to combine it all.



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