Crepe paper cactus … At Unusual.

Crepe paper cactus … At Unusual.

Crepe paper is a very versatile material and it gives you the possibility to create beautiful flowers like life. But, if you want, a creation that is different from “natural”, I propose this tutorial. A crepe paper cactus … At Unusual.

Crepe paper

It is a material that is commercially available in different weights and of more or less good quality.

I purchase the crepe paper from Rossi paper converting. It is a paper mill that produces crepe paper in different weights, shaded, metallized or in one color. They also have tissues available in different shades. Their card is very beautiful and of quality. Unfortunately the online shop is not the best. So I recommend that you buy a catalog from the site before ordering the card.

There are also other online stores, where you can find it, like Amazon or Lia Griffith, where he recommends kits with patterns inside, in order to start working.

Crepe paper gives the possibility of having incredible results, even with little processing. Furthermore, it can be blended, colored and bleached very easily.

In short, it is a material that gives a lot of satisfaction.

A completely unusual cactus

The tutorial you are going to see in my channel YouTube , fully identifies my unusual style.

Try making this cactus yourself or maybe just have fun making the flower.

For any info write me also in comments below the video YouTube tutorial , it will be a pleasure for me to help you ?

And maybe, send me some photos to see the result of your work.

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Create yourself with my tutorials

I too started like you! Follow my tutorials and you too can make a beautiful creation like this!



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