Crepla Rubber Flowers

flowers in crepla rubber

Crepla Rubber Flowers

In mine video tutorial on Youtube , you’ve often seen me struggling with the creation of flowers in crepla rubber . But what is foam rubber and why is it so suitable for modeling flower petals? Here, in this article we will go to the discovery of this fantastic material. If instead you want to try to make them, try to follow one of my “how to” (here i video tutorial flowers in crepla rubber ).

Flowers and Crepla Gum

There cream rubber , also known by the name of EVA rubber , is a material that is well suited to the realization of flowers, being modelable more than any other and colorable with many techniques.

THE flowers in crepla rubber they return a very pronounced realistic effect and even to the touch, as well as to the sight, it is difficult to distinguish them from real flowers.

Personally I also use it to make some wedding flowers , for the bridal bouquet , for centerpieces, the buttons and much more.

But what’s the special thing about crepla rubber that it is suitable for reproducing things details like flowers? Let’s find out together.

What is Crepla Gum

crepla eraser for wedding flowersLet’s start with the type of material. Is called cream rubber but, as we said, it is also known as EVA rubber . It is from this acronym (EVA) that we understand what it is made of. EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate .

It is a rubber fluffy is soft, totally hypoallergenic is light and has several advantages: it is almost waterproof and that’s a lot resistant to the point that it is very difficult to find a sheet of this crumpled material.

NB if you want to have fun modeling flowers in crepla rubber , know that it is very easily found on newsstands and of course on the large web marketplaces (amazon, ebay, etc.).

In short, you will have understood that the foam rubber is moldable, flexible, elastic, strong, soft, can be colored and above all it is not a toxic material! Indeed the EVA it is resistant to fungi and bacteria , hypoallergenic and non-toxic and for all these properties, it is also widely used in the production of children’s games.

What flowers can we make with foam rubber?

Magnolia-in-crepla rubber

The answer to this question is … almost everyone! With crepla rubber you can make full-bodied flowers like peonies, roses is buttercups, or delicate flowers like lilies, calla lilies is tulips, but also smaller flowers.

In short, the only limit to the creation of flowers in crepla rubber is not in the material, but in our imagination.

Paint the rubber

In addition to having a wide range of colors available, this material gives the possibility of being colored and shaded very easily. With chalk colors it is very easy to create shades and achieve the desired color tone, for the realization of your projects.

So from manipulation to coloring, this material is fantastic in every respect. I advise you to start by experimenting with cream rubber, doing tests, perhaps making petals, so you can get to know the material well and be able to become familiar with it.

You can also become familiar by following my tutorials, which give you the opportunity to follow step by step the construction of a flower such as a peony or an orchid. So what are you waiting for, subscribe to the channel and start creating flowers with the foam rubber.


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