Eco-Recycling Wedding and Bouquet


Eco-Recycling Wedding and Bouquet

The eco-recycling wedding represents an optimal choice for several reasons, if you want to give it a unique style and intend to create an event that can be defined as memorable from every point of view, including attention to the environment. So let’s see everything you need to know about this type of organization and, of course, how to make sure that the eco-recycling wedding can be “yours” dream wedding .

Eco recycling wedding is its ultimate goal

When it comes to eco recycling for wedding, reference is made to choice of creating a series of elements , such as decorations, invitations, rice holders, favors and other accessories, using:

  • actually recycled materials
  • which can be recycled
  • produced in an eco-sustainable way .

So let’s not talk about using scraps, but about choosing these objects necessary to celebrate the wedding, with the right attention to the environment.

It’s about a ecological choice , a gesture that puts us in a position to contribute to the protection of our planet. But not only…

Eco recycling is also used to give free rein to one’s own ideas, making sure that every single type of element perfectly respects all one’s needs and tastes in an original way.

Eco recycling today also means standing out from others, offering something different and elevating ourselves from the crowd . And this is the goal of every bride for her wedding.

Consequently, taking advantage of this style to realize your wedding, you have the opportunity to make it unique and original , totally different compared to what often tends to be a stereotype, abused from all other brides and therefore it doesn’t have that uniqueness that you would like to achieve.

alternative eco recycling bridal bouquets alternative bridal bouquet also made with Lego bricks


How to organize an eco recycling wedding

The eco recycling style it must be studied in detail, so that all the elements necessary to give that can be combined “eco-chic” cut at the event . Imagine that there are very famous wedding professionals who take care of this.

With eco reciclyng you can give life to placeholder , decorations, favors , participations and more, up to wonderful bridal bouquet original details and originals.

At the base of this style there must obviously be the search for detail that allows you to give life, in a way elegant , to all aspects of the ceremony.

In particular, also the wedding location must go in this direction, both with the decorations than with the choice of dishes at zero kilometers (this is also part of the package).

Thanks to this way of proceeding it is possible to organize one gorgeous eco recycling wedding , without any difficulty.


Some ideas for the eco recycling bridal bouquet


Handmade wedding bouquet with alternative materials to flowers Handmade wedding bouquet with alternative materials to flowers

Among the ideas to create a eco-recycling flower bouquet undoubtedly the paper and fabric ones stand out, but the materials and ideas are really many.

Try taking a look at these bridal bouquets made from alternative materials and you will realize how many wonderful proposals can contribute to the creation of your perfect and eco recycling bouquet.

By relying on us, artisans specialized in the handmade creation of alternative flower bouquets, you will obtain a composition of sure aesthetic impact, of trend and at the same time, respectful of the environment. But you can also make sure that your wedding bouquet can remain forever among the objects that allow you to remember the most important day of your life.

Are you curious? Write to me and let’s design your “Eco-recycling Chic” bouquet together

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