Ecology is fashion with Unusual alternative bouquets


Ecology is fashion with Unusual alternative bouquets

THE alternative bouquets Unusual aim at ecological awareness in events. A project born many years ago with the intention of bringing design and art into wedding with recycled materials. If we pause to reflect, we can realize that it is possible to have a bridal bouquet with electric wires or with recycled paper. The important thing is to rely on the right brand, so that you can have a unique and very elegant design.

Ecology is fashion

Whenever a marriage a lot of flowers are used for decorations and accessories for the bride . This also applies to any other event you want to celebrate.
But have you ever thought what happens to these flowers that we all think are beautiful and unique for our planet? They end up dying for good and eventually most of them go straight to the dumpster. Furthermore, the great environmental impact that the transport of these splendid and colorful beings has is enormous. Often the flowers and plants are transported from abroad, in order to give the customer the much desired chosen flower.

The flower is beautiful

As much as you claim the flower for an event, thinking it irreplaceable, for its beauty and as far as we can say “for once I get married, ecology can wait”, not going to think that on that same day you are not only celebrating yours marriage. It is not just about your wedding but many in one day. A flower is beautiful and fragrant when it is alive or when it can contribute to the natural cycle of life.

ecology eco friendly wedding
By now the organization of events has become so ordinary that even the choice of the flower is defined as “tradition”.
But tradition is not the flower, if we choose other than the usual bouquet of flowers, we do not break the tradition because it is more ancient and symbolic to go beyond any setting.

Alternative bouquets: an ethical choice

The Unusual Bouquet project was born 5 years ago with the intention of bringing ecology and design into weddings, trying to sensitize the wedding world to a real problem that arises at every event.
Original special artistic wedding bouquets
The solution is a proposal that is a work with a unique and innovative line and that helps the environment. You can have a bouquet of flowers beautiful that it is an artistic creation made just for you, using recycled materials.
An alternative bouquet can also be created with other materials that allow you to have an accessory that lasts over time and does not deteriorate, polluting. It can also remain as a memory forever, so as not to regret your own bridal bouquet after marriage.
ecology bridal bouquet
In this way the flowers are not cut and also if you have allergies, you do not risk running into a crisis on the wedding day.
As you can see, you can easily make a conscious choice, respecting tradition and the environment. Just stop and think.


Eco-sustainable fashion: eco-friendly wedding dress

Eco-sustainability it is a topic that is being treated more and more, also in the field of fashion given the great environmental impact it causes every year. Names like Stella McCartney and Katharine Hamnett they are active in supporting the issue of waste and consumption and eco-sustainability.


But not only them, in the wedding field there are stylists who are committed to offering bridal collections that respect the environment with great elegance and design. Because you can also in the choice of dress. If we want we can be careful and in the long run this way of thinking, we can pass it on to our future, changing what we are destroying today. It is important to break out of mental patterns in order to look beyond.


The eco brands

Brand like Cangiari , a made in Italy brand that presented the “La Sposa Etica” collection using precious hand loom fabrics and organic yarns, designed for those who value exterior and interior elegance. A dress full of meanings, a masterpiece of style that dresses the bride with beauty and pride.


Another name is Vivienne Westwood with wedding dresses made of viscose sustainable origin as a vegan alternative to silk, or in biologically produced, ecological and cruelty-free Peace silk, which allows the silk butterfly to live beyond the cocoon.

It’s still Leila Hafzi with her brand founded in 1997, this Norwegian designer is on the luxury fashion scene as a guide to ethical and eco-sustainable fashion. Tackle environmental issues by blending themes from different cultures and find inspiration in Norway, Persia, Greece and Nepal.


The brand is positioned in the most exclusive boutiques, alongside the most important brands of the international fashion system and is appreciated by many celebrities from all over the world.

If, on the other hand, you think that spending a lot of money on a dress that will be used only once is not worth it, you can make a nice sober choice to rediscover the true meaning of marriage. In Umbria there is the monastery of Santa Rita da Cascia where you can find the dress of your dreams used but also brand new. This monastery collects the clothes that many women donate to the monastery out of solidarity, arranging them so that they can be given to future brides. And if you want, once used, you can even give it back!


eco friendly wedding

And if you want 5 original ideas to make your wedding eco-friendly with creativity and without sacrificing elegance, here is it you an article who can help you.

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