Elisa and her bridal bouquet with paper roses

Elisa and her bridal bouquet with paper roses

Elisa a bride with very specific tastes, he knew what he wanted from the first phone call he made me. His request is to want a bouquet with book paper roses .


Church: Municipality of Carpi (MO)
Bouquet: Unusual Bouquet
Location: Daccapo Cafè
Custom Wedding Converse: Nice Shop


Paper book roses

When I am asked to make gods flowers with paper book , I always tend to specify well, that the pages of a book cannot be used to make them. In addition to defacing a book, it would have a very bad result, since the paper of a book is very thin and often the print is very engraved, so much so that it can also be seen on the back of a page. To make gods paper flowers well done, you need to use professional papers, so as to have a more stable and lasting result over time.

original wedding bouquets

Elisa a very determined alternative bride

Elisa contacted me explaining how she would have liked hers bridal bouquet, for the rest he told me: “you do, I trust”. When a bride is totally entrusted to the professionalism of an artist, the work comes by itself and the result is guaranteed.

special bridal bouquet

This beautiful bride has decided to organize hers marriage , taking care of the details. Alternative wedding bouquet , custom converse shoes and a very Unusual lace dress. A wedding outfit in the name of particularity and originality, just like Elisa is.

newspaper flower bouquet

Long live the newlyweds

And here they are, the spouses, after the fateful YES. Also it groom has a very personalized and elegant attire. You guys are a beautiful couple, congratulations.

newspaper flowers

bridal bouquet

Elisa on her wedding day, she took care to send me a picture of her with the bouquet . A thought from my Unusual brides, which I always appreciate very much. When I posted her photo on my social channels, I received private comments from friends who thought it was me. Actually at that time, I had the same haircut as Elisa and the similarity between us is striking! We found ourselves !!!

unusual bouquet

Elisa thank you very much for the trust you have given me and for me it was a real pleasure to be able to make the bouquet with paper roses. I wish you the best! A big hug.

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