Elisabetta Polignano for Unusual Bouquet

Elisabetta Polignano for Unusual Bouquet

Today I present to you a collection of wedding dresses , which left me speechless and fully identifies my way of seeing the Unusual bride. I’m talking about the Vision line of the 2020 collection of Elisabetta Polignano .

Elisabetta Polignano

Elisabetta Polignano she started her activity in the world of bride in Putignano (Bari), his hometown, to then continue to Milan studying architecture.

The “Elisabetta Polignano” brand was born in 1997 thanks to Dario Mongioy , still general manager, and is present in more than 90 boutiques throughout Italy, as well as some of the most important ateliers in Japan, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Korea.

The headquarters is located in Oleggio (Novara) and includes the laboratory, the showroom and a fashion show room dedicated to the presentation of the collections.

All the wedding dresses of the line start from there Haute Couture EP Elisabetta Polignano emphasize the harmony of the body. She defines the wedding dress by describing it:

“The dress dresses the personality of every woman, this is the thought that accompanies me in all my creations. And every day I am amazed at how much research, how much discovery and how much beauty each woman can give me at the very moment of the birth of her dress “.


Creations that emphasize the harmony of the body of every woman with a careful study of materials. Tulle, silk organza, georgette, alongside more structured fabrics such as mikado, give rise to soft and dynamic shapes for a modern woman.

Vision wedding dress

The heads of the Vision line they have voile and tulle as protagonists, enriched by flower petals on the bodices that rest delicately on the shoulders and at the waist, lace inlays and airy and light skirts. A collection that I immediately loved because it was decisive, elegant but at the same time particular. Tradition and innovation come together for a modern woman with a strong character.

Elisabetta defines contemporary femininity in this way:

“The contemporary female figure is my source of inspiration, complex and perfect in all its facets. It is always like this for me, and it was even more so in designing and creating the 2020 Collection, which interprets an important evolution of today’s woman: a woman who knows how to be strong and determined without losing the desire to dream and to be romantic . A woman, then, who is often already a mother when she decides that the time has come for her to get married ”.

Elisabetta Polignano thus describes her new one 2020 collection , dedicated to all women of today, in which these two shades of strength and grace coexist, enhanced with attention to detail in every single creation. Women who go to visit Elisabetta in the atelier or who contact her on social channels even just for advice are more and more often mothers when they get married: the wedding day therefore becomes for them a dreamy look at the future, always remaining concrete in the joy of the present life.

Elisabetta Polignano 2020 collection

The clothes of the new 2020 Collection come to light thanks to this inspiration, they are born from today’s women, telling the life and nature of each of them: they are inspired by the lightness of the air and celebrate the sacredness of marriage , focusing on elegance, femininity, originality in the name ofhaute couture with structured dresses.

I invite you to go and see the entire collection of wedding dresses 2020 signed Elisabetta Polignano, I’m sure you’ll find the right dress for you!

A big thank you goes to Elisabetta Polignano and her press office staff, who gave me the opportunity to make this article. A very professional and helpful team. Congratulations!

And now I leave you to the Vision line, the clothes that conquered me and I do not hide from you that they inspired me for a new bridal bouquet !

Photo by Davide Bonaiti

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