Fall wedding bouquets: ideas and tips


Fall wedding bouquets: ideas and tips

Design the bride bouquet it is always a great emotion for both the bride and the floral designer for a bouquet of real flowers, or the artist for an unusual bouquet.

Creativity and technical details come together, very important not to be underestimated, such as the wedding dress, the mood of the wedding and the season of the event. So let’s see what the upcoming autumn offers, a romantic and magical season for autumn weddings , but above all how can we create the autumn wedding bouquets ?

Wedding bouquet of real flowers

If you want a composition of real flowers, completely inspired by the season, you will have to opt for what mother nature offers at that time or head towards cultivated flowers. In the first case, you could choose gerberas, calla lilies or the cymbidium orchid. In the second case, the choice could fall on bright-colored English roses, accompanied by white buttercups and antique pink peonies.

If you want to play it safe, roses are definitely a timeless flower that is always in fashion, available in all seasons and can be found in various colors, even in various shades.

The alternative bouquet

With unusual bouquets or alternative bouquets, there are no constraints. The only constraint can be the skill of the creative where you commission yours bouquet. Again, it always depends on what you would like for yours marriage . If you want a composition that is created with your favorite flowers, but which also has particularities and is a first work created just for you, then you have to rely on professional artists.

Returning to the choice of flowers, as I wrote, with alternative bouquets there are no limits, from the classic bouquet with the reproduction of your favorite flower, to the artistic bouquet, up to the bouquet made with your favorite bricks, everything is possible. Propose what you want and you will be immediately satisfied with an idea that will later be developed.

Autumn wedding bouquet Autumn wedding bouquet

Boquet Wedding Wings Bouquet wedding wings Jewel buttons bouquet

Lego bouquet



Which bouquet style to choose?

At this point, you just have to figure out if you are one bride who prefers i real flowers or i handmade flowers . After making this choice, let yourself be guided by your floral or artist. Together you decide whether to include autumn colors throughout the dome or just have a hint. Bring with you a photo to show of the wedding dress , it will be useful to be able to decide various technical details of the bouquet. You will see that by collaborating together, you will have an excellent final result.


Photo by Francesco Russotto

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