Famous Brides: which bouquet did they choose?

Meghan Markle bouquet

Famous Brides: which bouquet did they choose?

There are weddings that we will never forget, especially for that floral touch in the hands of every bride for centuries: the bouquet .

The Bridal Bouquet

Perfect in its details, iconic in its mood and always and in any case of great style, the bouquet represents the symbol of all the brides in the world . And he too, more than it might seem, can tell a lot about us.

And speaking of bouquets, the choices of some famous brides, from the past and the present, could not be missing. Let’s find out together!

The Bouquet of Famous Brides

Jackie Kennedy , the woman who is the symbol of fashion history needs no introduction. It was September 2, 1953 when she made the whole world dream, marrying Jonh Fitzgerald Kennedy.

As the bells tolled, Jackie screeched the aisle of St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island, holding her wonderful bouquet : a very precious miniature by orchids , stephanotis is gardenias in shades of White he was born in pink . A light cascade of beauty and natural scents, worthy of a firtst lady.


Jackie Kennedy wedding bouquet

Kennedy Wedding Pictures


Chiara Ferragni , the influencer and fashion blogger considered one of the most influential women in the world, for her wedding she chose a very simple bouquet , adorned with wildflowers .

Of round shape , with white flowers from spontaneous shoots of the earth, the bouquet of the yes of Ferragnez he was very sober, almost as if he wanted to softly accompany the allure of one of the most beautiful brides of recent times.

A decidedly different and impressive choice like the royal wedding she represented, Kate Middleton chose a bouquet worthy of a true fairytale princess.

A natural shape , with touches of lilies of the valley and hyacinths , accompanied a precious kind of carnations which in English are defined “ sweet William “. A fragrant and very sweet choice to pay homage to the groom. A reference to the timeless beauty of Grace Kally, for her wedding bouquet.

Kate Middleton bouquet

Bouquet Kate Middleton

A different and decidedly more protagonist trend the one expressed by Bianca Balti in its giant bouquet. A maxi composition , very natural, disheveled and almost only green for a bouquet that made people talk about itself. White flowers to complete the whole, for an empire-style wedding, with references to the past, romantic and refined.

Grace Kally who in the 1950s had given lessons of class and refinement, for her royal wedding she had chosen a tiny bunch of fresh scented lilies of the valley .

A touch of natural white with flowers and protagonists that will remain in the history of all royal weddings to come.

And speaking of Royal Wedding, a reference to the recent royal wedding of the prince could not be missing Harry and Megan Markle . The bouquet of the Duchess of Sussex was small, graceful, romantic and very refined.

It was made up of favorite flowers of the beloved Lady D , i Do not forget me in combination with astilbe , to the thrush , to the very fragrant jasmine , at a touch of astrantia and a tip of Myrtle , a symbol of timeless love, omnipresent in all British royal weddings for generations.

Meghan Markle bouquet

Meghan Markle Bouquet


The Bridal Bouquet. A Personal Choice

Whatever composition a woman chooses for her yes day, there is the certainty that the bouquet it can not miss. It connotes the perfect bridal outfit . The choice options can be different and numerous, all representative of the most beautiful flower of season or one creativity that, to be honest, sometimes it dominates more than the dress.

And if the bouquet of fresh flowers is the ancient tradition, the handmade fake flower bridal bouquet is a splendid exception. What matters, in the light of the most beautiful day of our life, is that there are always flowers to accompany us. Mindful of our most beautiful smiles, of our best shots!

And if this roundup has not yet led you to choose the bouquet to show off at your wedding

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