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Bouquet of flowers? Choose originality

I would choose bouquet of flowers it can put even the most determined brides with clear ideas in difficulty. The flowers of the bouquet, in fact, must perfectly match the dress, decorations and above all the style of each bride.

paper cascade bouquet

For this reason today I want to let you discover some flowers for unique and original bouquets: buttons, paper, jewelry, fabric and much more . I manage to transform the materials I choose together with each bride into flowers for special and full of life bouquets.

Every time they commission me a alternative bouquet , I undertake to study the best method of realization and to search for the right material. This way I can create inimitable bouquet flowers.

bouquet orchids and roses

Who said, then, that when they ask you ‘bouquet of flowers?’ , you have to answer: roses, peonies or orchids? Now there is room for scissors, threads and even construction.
One of my latest bouquets is made entirely from lego bricks.

flowers bouquet

Bouquet of flowers: discover all the techniques of Unusual Bouquet.

Over time I have developed some techniques to create ‘flower bouquets’ that allow me to satisfy every bride .

Button flower bouquet: it is not always easy to choose buttons and combine them according to shape, color and size. I am very careful about what I buy and the material they are made of. The care and attention I put in help me create one perfect harmony, between the bride’s taste and my artisan work.

Paper flower bouquet: processing with paper opens up a world of infinite combinations depending on the type of paper I use. To make a paper bouquet, I start with precise design and vector design work to create a perfect flower. I also help myself with IT tools. Depending on the bride’s need, I choose the right card. For example, in the bouquet of fake roses, I choose a paper that is closest to the colors and texture petals of a real rose. A realistic and longer lasting effect.

Fabric flower bouquet : with the fabric there is a riot of textures, colors and patterns with which to create very particular bouquets. I use different techniques including that of shaved ribbon ; sometimes I stretch the fabric to harden it and be able to work it better.

Plastic flower bouquet, Eva rubber or metals: with materials like these, very unusual for bouquets, you can create very innovative compositions.
For example, with hot plastic, perfect flowers are modeled and with Eva rubber, petals and very realistic details.

flowers bouquet

Contact me immediately and choose the bouquet with the material that best represents you.

And you, what material would you choose for yours bouquet ? Tell me in the comments.

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