Flower bouquet: a choice that can remain forever


Flower bouquet: a choice that can remain forever

It happens very often that after the wedding, you have a great nostalgia for your bouquet of flowers. Often it is put to dry upside down and then treated with lacquers to make it lasting. Other times we try to treat it with other DIY products with the hope of being able to display it next to the photo of the marriage . All applicable solutions, but it is a pity that yours will never return bridal bouquet . So how could you keep the bouquet of flowers forever?

Can the flower bouquet be kept after the wedding?

We have always known that flowers are the most magical part of vegetation, they give joy, color and have a scent that make you feel in harmony with yourself. All this when they are alive … Oh yes, because when the flower is cut it begins a count down for their life which is inevitable.


So as much as we want to tighten the bunch with laces, to keep the flower bud up and as much as we want to put structures that help keep the flower “lively”, the flower bouquet is destined to go out. Especially after a marriage, where he didn’t have the right maintenance precautions. So when asked, can you keep the bridal bouquet ? Ni.


You can dry it upside down in the dark and try to stabilize it with lacquers, but the effect is not guaranteed and above all nothing will remain of your bridal bouquet. And as an investment it must have been a real hole in the water.

Advice from florists for maintaining a bouquet of flowers

From the site Fleurop here are some rules to follow to maintain your bouquet.

What to do

  • Put the bunch in the vase without untying it
  • Make a miter cut at the end of the stems with a sharp knife
  • Choose a clean, suitably sized pot
  • Fill the jar with fresh water
  • Add preservative product to the water
  • Add water or change it every day
  • Place the flowers in a cool place
  • General rules for transport: wrap the stems in moist packaging
  • Sub-zero transport: wrap the flowers in paper (1 layer of paper for each sub-zero degree)

What not to do

  • The string that binds the deck must not be cut
  • The stems should not be cut with scissors
  • The flowers should not be left without water for more than 15 min. about.
  • The jar should not be filled with frozen water (use fresh water instead)
  • Never put sugar, aspirin or similar in the water
  • The pot must not be exposed to direct sunlight or place it near heaters
  • Flowers should not be placed behind window panes
  • Never place flowers near fruit
  • Never leave the flowers in the car exposed to the sun
  • Do not expose the flowers to drafts
  • Never expose the flowers to direct air flow from the air conditioner
  • If temperatures are below freezing, NEVER transport flowers without suitable packaging

Among the things not to do, there are some tips that you can’t always follow in a marriage.

When you get married and your bouquet stays in the heart

Now I’ll tell you the story of Anna, a woman who contacted me some time ago. She got married 15 years ago and her bouquet has always remained in her heart, so much so that she decided to contact me to ask me to have a reproduction of her bouquet of flowers . Anna sent me pictures via chat. They weren’t the best but he didn’t have more detailed ones, so I had to “make do” with the ones I had.



I also perceived in his voice, the concern in investing that money in order to fulfill his dream. But the desire was so strong that it prevailed against all future economic thinking.

In the end, I committed myself, as always, to being able to fulfill her wish and be able to give her her dream.

And here is the result.


It happened to me very often to have requests for reproductions of beautiful bridal bouquets that accompanied them brides at the altar. Unfortunately, many times there have been sacrifices in doing so, because clearly the costs of a reproduction are not low and therefore you think carefully before you can make your wish come true. Even if by analyzing, for one’s feelings one can give up yet another pair of shoes. At the time Anna i alternative bouquets they didn’t exist, but if they did, they would surely save her money.

I also happened to be contacted by husbands who wanted to give their beloved a reproduction of the bridal bouquet for the wedding anniversary.

A conscious choice

If you tried to seriously consider the choice of abandoning the idea of using flowers true for a wedding, we could realize how much money we could save by facing investments that will not be lost over time.

Furthermore, the bouquet that will be ordered will not be a last minute surprise, presented on the wedding day. How many brides saw the bouquet arrive on their wedding day and were disappointed because it was not in line with their tastes or it was not coordinated with the bride’s look? If so, what do you do? You don’t wear the bouquet, you abandon it and believe me that after years of weddings, I’ve heard so many situations like this. A bride without a bouquet is a bride with an incomplete look.

The bouquet of flowers it is such an important accessory that it must have a design that represents the bride. This can only happen if you participate in the production of the bouquet. The Unusual brides are followed in the creative path and all have had their Unusual Bouquet.

This is Miriam’s testimony on my page Facebook :

“Thank you !! In a very short time you have transformed an intuition and a desire into reality! You have been able to listen to my story, understand my essence even if we have never seen each other and transport my and Luca’s story into a work of art unique that tells about us and our desire to be together! Heartfelt thanks to Jessica and unusual bouquet! ”

Valentina on Google :

“I found Jessica by accident. I was looking for a bouquet that was different from the usual and that would remain forever and I came across this fantastic girl. A true artist!
He took care of the work in the smallest details, even in packaging the package.
When I opened the box I felt a great emotion, I keep going to look at it and I think I will do so until the day of the wedding.
I can not recommend it.
Thanks for everything.”

Sabrina on Instagram :

“Thank you Jessica for making my wonderful bouquet you are really an artist ????”

The testimony of a marriage guru

Wedding wonderland who with her blog is now a point of reference for every bride, in her own article wrote about her experience with her bridal bouquet:

“The bouquet it is one of the details I most love to look at in the weddings I host on the blog. Not only that, it is also one of the things I loved the most when I got married. That day passed so quickly that I was unable to stop to observe the arrangements dreamed and designed in the previous months, but the bouquet was in my hands most of the time. I knew I didn’t want to throw it and I wish I could have kept it after yes!

As wonderful as they are, fresh flowers don’t last long, I didn’t like the idea of trying to dry them, so inevitably, after a few days I had to part with them. But not before taking it with me to the sea, where I would spend a few days of vacation with my husband. I’m just saying that the journey by car, fortunately for only a couple of hours, with a bouquet in a vase full of water balanced between the feet was not the most comfortable! At that point it was clear to me why so many brides choose alternative bouquets ”

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