Flowers and Weddings in December. The advice of Unusual Bouquet


Flowers and Weddings in December. The advice of Unusual Bouquet

This year many couples have decided to getting married in winter , especially a December. The decision was mainly the result of the need to postpone the wedding due to the covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, although everything had already been organized for the summer, the spouses will have to solve a few more small problems, such as finding beautiful flowers for the wedding in December , a period in which the choice is reduced. But also to organize in time for the Promise of marriage .

Getting married in December

In 2020, due to the well-known events, the weddings scheduled for the summer were forced to postpone. As a normal consequence, the first month chosen for the celebrations was December, accomplice the rediscovery of the beauty and comfort of getting married in winter . One of the first things to do was there choice of flowers for the wedding and in the following winter months, a period in which there is no abundance comparable to that of the summer period.

So I want to give some ideas to help brides and grooms to organize their winter wedding in an impeccable way.

Wedding Flowers in December

Let’s start immediately with the most urgent problem, that of flowers for weddings celebrated in December . It is useless to hide, in December the range of wedding flowers to choose from is greatly reduced. Amaryllis, Anemones, Buttercups, Rhododendrons are among the most common to find.

But if some varieties can be perfectly used for decorations of the location where the wedding will be celebrated, you have to forget that you can show off the wedding bouquet of your dreams .

At least with fresh flowers that’s it.

Fortunately, with the alternative wedding bouquets instead you can make this dream come true.

The December bride’s bouquet

bridal bouquet of pearls

For the December weddings you can make up for the lack of fresh flowers choosing a alternative bouquet . With alternative bouquets you can choose the flowers you love the most and show off a unique floral composition, just as you imagined it .

Calle, Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Lisianthus and all the summer flowers you dreamed of being present in your bridal bouquet, they can be faithfully made or stylized in any color you want. And speaking of colors, in December it is red the most trendy one.

If you really want to get married in December, the advice I give is to immediately commission the bridal bouquet because times are tight and the demand is growing day by day.

The colors of flowers for weddings in December


December is the month it arrives Christmas and it could only be the red your favorite color, combined with green and al White. Particularly this year are the shades of Cherry red the most popular ones.

So space a bouquet in which white flowers like the Calle, are enriched with red berries is green foliage . Or for those who love a monochromatic bouquet, a beautiful bouquet total white .

As for the green that is preferable eucalyptus or the brightest of the thuja. Or if you want to stay within tradition, the dark green of the classic fir Christmas.

The red instead, until now relegated to the decorative role of cherry-colored berries, it can be used for make flowers more or less large, such as i poppies, perhaps embellished with pearls and rhinestones.

The promise of marriage

bouquet calla lilies wedding december

For those who decide to get married in December , it is necessary to move right now for the Promise of marriage .

In fact, remember that the promise of marriage is an obligatory civil act that precedes the wedding and represents a commitment to get married within 180 days of publication . These are posted only after the promise.

It is usually use to party the day when the promise of marriage is made and here too, times are really tight. Until a few years ago the promise was celebrated almost like the wedding itself, inviting many people to feast together.

Today more than ever, however, the promise is celebrated in a decisive way more intimate , but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be a good party.

To make the party of yours beautiful wedding promise , what I recommend is to invite only the really dear people , those with which you are comfortable together. Choose one location where you are sure to have the right space to be comfortable and enjoy the party and not to miss the classic confetti. As for the floral decorations you prefer the green, cheaper and very fashionable in this period, enriched with some note of color White and red.

Finally, the bouquet of flowers for the promise of marriage . Again, I can help you with one of my bouquets designed for this type of event.

The ideal location for a wedding celebrated in December


Orsini Castle

photo Castello Orsini

If the main problem of winter weddings is finding fresh flowers, instead of location there are many suitable ones. But if you want to do something more you could choose particular locations such as villas elegant or castles.

I was very impressed with the Orsini Castle of Nerola , a location romantic is suggestive in the province of Rome. Obviously it is not the only one in Italy but I only mentioned it to give an idea of what I mean.

Celebrating or celebrating the wedding in such a location means making sure intimacy, romance ed elegance at the highest levels, just what you need for perfect winter wedding . In addition, such locations also have rooms for guests who come from further afield.

The clothes for the ceremony


dress Giuseppe Papini

Last problem to face to perfectly organize a wedding in December and the choice of clothes : the bride and groom dress. If for him there are no big problems, given the abundance of elegant winter jackets and coats, the bride will have to find the right compromise between elegance and protection from the cold.

I make only one remark: if the wedding is celebrated and celebrated in a single location, it will not be necessary to invent much to protect yourself from the cold as obviously these places are abundantly heated.

If then you had already bought the wedding dress ahead of your summer wedding, you could just buy a jacket or one stole to complete your outfit, together with more protective socks.

If instead you had really chosen to get married in December solutions for winter wedding dresses certainly not lacking. Prestigious stylists such as Papini , have dedicated entire collections to winter wedding fashion .

The Wedding in December

Summing up, getting married in December is something very special for me , outside the common schemes that see summer as the “wedding season”. There are no problems for wedding flowers in December with alternative bouquets, the locations are more intimate and romantic and the proximity of Christmas makes everything really more beautiful.




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