Flowers Bridal Bouquet. Which ones to choose depending on the shape of the deck


Flowers Bridal Bouquet. Which ones to choose depending on the shape of the deck

The bridal bouquet has always represented a very important element within the general organization of the marriage. Every bride knows this very well, some since she begins to fantasize as a child by pretending to get married in her games. The bouquet represents his style and personality.

The Choice of Flowers for the Bouquet

Even now, despite modern times and the various innovations on the market, the choice of this so important element takes a lot of time away from the brides, who let themselves be overwhelmed by variety of flowers available and of forms that the bouquet can take.


The shape of the Bouquet? It also depends on the flowers

If you use a bit of imagination, it is not at all difficult to find new creations that are different from the ordinary, which further enhance the wedding dress or the personality of the bride herself.
For example, a classic round bouquet it is suitable for those brides who like to stay in the tradition or, at most, revisit it with some particular flower.

For example, the classic and elegant ones are suitable for this type of bouquet rose in the most varied shapes and types and, to have a more original style, it is possible to combine them with small buds of other types of flowers or with some wild flowers, which give the composition a more jaunty effect.

Also with regard to the colors, it is possible to switch from classic white or ivory to compositions that mix pastel colors or stronger and more marked nuances such as purple red or yellow.


For all those brides who dream of their wedding as a real royal event and, consequently, have chosen a bouquet of real princesses as only that can be cascade , they will have to opt for flowers that will hang in a rich and showy way .

This is the case, for example, of orchids which can be combined with elegant calle oa tulips pastel color, but also a rosebuds color ivory.


Brides who choose one minimal and essential style , very often they also want to have a bouquet that suits their preference.

Here then they will opt for one long stem composition to be worn resting on the forearm or elegantly between the two hands, which is very reminiscent of weddings in the 1950s. In this case the most suitable flowers are the tulips, the calle or roses to which long stems will be left firmly held together by a monochrome satin ribbon.

Monofiore Bouquet

In recent years, alongside the more classic compositions, original and trendy compositions such as, for example, the bouquet made with the use of a single flower or the shape vaguely reminiscent of a handbag.

In the first case, flowers with a strong personality are indicated such as, for example, the sunflower, there peony, the lily or hydrangea which also guarantee a timeless elegance thanks to always very elegant colors.

Handbag Bouquet

In the case of the handbag bouquet – true trend of recent years – the composition mainly involves the use of flowers that have a stem that is long and flexible enough to be modeled in the best way even through the use of small or large leaves.

The bridal bouquet enhances any type of wedding dress, you know, the important thing is to choose the one that best suits your outfit and the personality you want to express with the help of industry experts who will be able to translate into reality any hidden dream of every bride .



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