Getting married in winter: great ideas for winter weddings


Getting married in winter: great ideas for winter weddings

The marriage jumped because of the Coronavirus? Don’t panic you can arrange a marriage also in winter indeed … perhaps with a little more time available, even better than you had planned for the summer. Let’s see how.

Getting married in winter … a touch of magic at the wedding

Getting married in winter it can be really fantastic and it is definitely a winning choice from an economic point of view. The advantages of celebrating a winter ceremony, however, are not limited to these aspects. Getting married in winter is something “ Unusual “(and that’s why I like the idea) as you can also indulge in the creative point of view. Here are some ideas for those who decide to get married in winter .

1. Christmas-themed wedding


Between advantages of getting married in winter there is certainly the possibility of playing with the times a lot. If the wedding happens during the holiday season, it might be a great idea to organize a Christmas-themed wedding.

The color predominant in a wedding with this theme is certainly white combined with a touch of silver or gold that makes everything more elegant.

A few hints of red cannot be missing in the set-up and in the winter wedding bouquet . If you decide to have it made by hand by opting for one of my creations, you can even make it even more unusual , studying with me something particular, original and refined that can leave all the guests speechless.

Chapter wedding favors : if you don’t know what kind of wedding favor to give to your guests, you can opt for something Christmas. Your supplier will surely have some interesting proposals to submit to you.

Clearly the restaurant menu it must recall the Christmas theme, for example in the dessert buffet you cannot miss panettone and pandoro to dip in melted chocolate.

2. Arrangements with lights and candles


Unfortunately, the winter days are short and if you opt for a winter wedding you have to deal with the lack of light. Fortunately, there is a solution to everything and to make everything brighter, you can opt for cascades of lights, torches, lanterns and candles of all shapes and sizes.

This triumph of lights will give the entire ceremony a ‘ breathtaking elegance it’s a’ sparkling atmosphere , super chic, warm and welcoming, just what you need on a winter day.

3. The wedding dress

bride in winterIt may seem like a daunting task to find the wedding dress suitable for the winter season, but that’s not the case at all. As for the choice of fabric, you can range from microfiber to flannel for the most cold, but know that the ideal fabric for winter is silk as it retains heat very well and at the same time does not weigh down the figure. Plus it’s light and comfortable to wear.

Everything can then be enriched with lace, brocade or fur inserts, according to your personal tastes.

In winter, there is a greater possibility of playing with colors. In addition to the classic white, the most suitable colors this season are ice blue, pearl gray and silver. If you are feeling very bold and want something really different than usual, you can go for red or green. Indispensable, in addition to a fur stole or a wool cape, also an umbrella in case of rain which will also be an excellent prop for photos.

4. The Wedding Cake

christmas wedding cake

At the end of the ceremony the classic cannot be missing wedding cake (image above from the online magazine “Sposi Magazine”). Among the simplest are the tiered wedding cakes which are also the most scenic ones. For this type of cake you can use winter themed decorations such as snowflakes or, if you want something more rustic, pine cones and hollies.

As for the choice of the winter themed cake topper, the solutions are so many such as it can be nice to use a couple of penguins, or two pine cones decorated as newlyweds or, if you prefer something more elegant, a wooden cake topper with the names of the spouses.

5. The Flowers of Marriage

christmas flower bouquet

You know well that even the winter offers wonderful flowers such as i buttercups . But if you really want gods summer wedding flowers for your bouquet, you can create them by hand. For floral decorations, on the other hand, there is no problem: calle , tulips, anemones and daffodils are undoubtedly among the most beautiful flowers.

Winter weddings can offer unique atmospheres and that’s why I love it. In a winter wedding everything is detached from the classic summer prototype and if organized close to Christmas, it can also count on the warm and magical atmosphere of the most beautiful party of the year.

Are you getting married in winter? Let’s design your Winter Wedding Bouquet together

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