Golden wedding: the bridal bouquet for 50 years of marriage


Golden wedding: the bridal bouquet for 50 years of marriage

The golden wedding are a wonderful achievement and that is why it must be celebrated in the best possible way, perhaps by organizing a new ceremony for the renewal of the promises of marriage, or with a bridal bouquet equal to that of 50 years does.

The golden wedding

A love story, like the one it leads to stay united for 50 years , is realized only if 2 people truly love each other and strongly believe in the values of marriage. Two special people , able to meet each other day by day, to respect each other and to overcome difficult moments together.

If you are reading this article it is because you made it, or because you are organizing the golden wedding of 2 people dear to you who are about to cross this milestone.

I guess you have to organize everything and that you are looking for ideas and inspiration.

The advice I can give you is to start by focusing on ceremony of renewal of marriage vows . I’d start there, organizing a memorial, perhaps in the same church where your loved ones got married (fifty years ago 99% of people got married in church). But nothing prevents it from being celebrated with a civil ceremony.

And for the wedding bouquet for 50 years of marriage ? Which bridal bouquet for the golden wedding ?

Bridal Bouquet for the Golden Wedding

I find the idea of very nice reproduce the same bridal bouquet used on the wedding day, 50 years ago. It is absolutely not a crazy hypothesis and in all cases in which I have been commissioned, the bride seeing it she got excited a lot and it was happy of this choice.

I can reproduce that without any problem 50 year old bouquet ago, with the advantage that this time that bouquet could be kept forever like the memory of this day.

The only condition to be able to replicate the original bridal bouquet for 50 years of marriage is to have a photo of the same as clear as possible, in such a way as to allow me to trace the shapes and shades with the most suitable materials.

The Colors of the Golden Wedding

If, on the other hand, we do not have a photo of the bouquet with which we married 50 years ago, or you find the idea not indicated, we can indulge ourselves with the imagination and create a bouquet for golden wedding with the bride’s favorite flowers and colors.

Surely, in the bouquet of 50 years of marriage, the gold color must be present.

But it must also be present in the hall or in the church where the ceremony will take place to remember the vows of marriage.

L’ matching other colors with them? Beige, ocher is yellow they sure fit, but I wouldn’t overlook the white powder , the purple red and why not, even a touch of black .


Novelties on the anniversary front also introduce the blue as a color to use, rediscovered as a messenger of romantic love, based on mutual esteem and respect. After all, it is the latter that allow a relationship to last 50 years .

Wedding golden flowers

Fresh flowers can be a good choice if you love the scents that emanate during the ceremony.

However, you have alternatively thought of flowers that can be preserved this time? Of the fifty wedding bouquet ago there are only a few photos taken on the wedding day.

In short, it has become just a photographic memory, but this time it would be nice to be able to revive it again , with the help of mine alternative flowers . As I told you before, we could reproduce the same bouquet of the wedding and this time it can be kept forever .


We could make it with paper or fabric flowers, or with other materials depending on the technique we want to use, perhaps adorning it with ribbons, pearls, rhinestones, to give it a “precious” look, in line with such an important event.

What flowers for the golden wedding bouquet

I don’t think there are any flowers that are particularly suitable for a golden wedding anniversary, or at least there are no more or less suitable flowers. I could therefore tell you that depending on the season, you might be forced to to choose those that are in bloom.

Actually, mine alternative bouquets are not subject to this condition, which is why you can choose any type in any shade of color.

Generally we go on white flowers, using the rose or the peonies, why the White it goes perfectly with gold, to which to add delicate flowers Detective stories. For the latter one could think of smaller flowers like the Mimosa or delicate ones daisies , to give balance to the composition. All obviously enriched by color gold.

The idea of creating a jewel bouquet , in which pearls and stones enhance the contrast between gold and white, resulting in a brilliant and precious effect just like gold itself.


Other flowers to use without problems are the tulip, the narcissus and the buttercup.

The rose finally they are always a good choice for a bridal bouquet. Whether they are red, of passionate love, or white, of pure love, they always return a touch of elegance and refinement.


Honestly, however, the flowers of my alternative bouquets can be as many as you want, without forcing you to choose a particular flower rather than another, just because of the color.

A beautiful goal

The wedding day is the most important and thanks to the many photos she remembers forever. The silver wedding they were able to dust off the memories, to add them to new ones, with their children and the many stories they lived to tell.


This new anniversary, the golden wedding , will be an opportunity to renew once again that long-lived and unique love. An occasion in which the promises of a love that can now be defined as eternal will be renewed.

For this reason the bridal bouquet for the golden wedding It will be special. Just like the couple celebrating this coveted milestone.

I really admire you. Best wishes from all my heart and 100 more of these days.



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