Haute Couture: wedding dresses for your bridal look

Stella MCCartney-1 wedding dresses

Haute Couture: wedding dresses for your bridal look

The wedding dress is perhaps the dress on which we fantasize most, since we are little: regardless of our style and our personality, at least once in our life the obsession is precisely the wedding outfit .

From Stella McCartney to Vivienne Westwood , British fashion icons, up to haute couture made in Italy and at French brands , there are many fashion designers who create fairytale wedding dresses.

Today we will talk about Haute Couture , namely of high fashion wedding dresses , those made to dream and why not, to be inspired by.


Draped dresses and lots of chiffon

Dior And Balenciaga for this year they propose linear wedding dresses, which fall straight and pleated, clean and essential: a little Greek vestals, a little Roman peplos, the reference is that of antiquity, but revisited in detail.

The leitmotif of bride to be 2021-2022 it is for sure one clean and essential style , with sober but refined lines.


This is why we are witnessing a wide use of draped and pleated fabrics, with some forays of tulle, chiffon and softer and fluffier fury & fluffy materials, as in the outfits. Chanel .

Mikado silk is the protagonist

Always there Maison Chanel proposes linear dresses, but totally made in mikado silk , a wonderful fabric, more opaque than traditional silk, perfect for the winter bride.

Chanel wedding dresses-2

There Mikado silk guarantees performance of brightness and whiteness that allow you to play with the chromatic palette of accessories and bouquets.

I know this very well because it is one of the types of fabric I use for mine silk flowers for high fashion dresses .

Many styles for a unique amazing bridal look

The Haute Couture wedding dress can be of various types, princely and traditional, siren for the more daring, a petticoat and in empire style with the waistline under the bust that lets the skirt fall along the silhouette.

In addition, you can also choose the short and cheeky look , with a full skirt, or a delightful sheath wedding dress.

For the most undecided brides, there is also a half way, the A-line skirt which opens like a bell and guarantees a discreet volume.

The most exciting day in life is eco-sustainable

When it comes to Haute Couture and high fashion for dream bridal look , unbridled luxury very often comes to mind, but a prestigious tailored suit can be ecological and eco-sustainable.

This is confirmed by the past choices of famous fashion designers who have inaugurated a new way of doing fashion, such as Stella McCartney .

Stella MCCartney-1 wedding dresses

The English designer designs one in 2019 bridal dress collection minimal chic and without leathers and furs.

The second look sported by Meghan Markle during the wedding reception, designed by the English designer.

Clean and essential, with a trapeze neckline on the shoulders and a bare back, the dress is made with ecological and eco-sustainable fabrics , in full respect of the environment and animals.

We are in 2019, and Stella McCartney’s Made with Love collection is literally depopulating: this is how a new concept of a bride attentive to waste and exquisitely minimal chic is born.

No frills and frills, yes to more accessible fabrics like the viscose , embellished with lace and lace. Even the design becomes more discreet, with dresses contained in the volumes but at the same time seductive, low-cut on the back and adherent.

The Made with Love collection also sees the birth of the wedding dress with trousers , suit type: practical and mannish, for a concrete woman who always wants to be the center of attention.



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