High fashion silk flowers


High fashion silk flowers

Nothing more than fashion is a multifaceted sector full of inspirations: when it comes to Haute Couture, the field widens and caresses a very high level. A prestigious dress it is recognized by the selection of fabrics, the workmanship and the artisan workshop in which it is made. Not only that, a high fashion dress it also stands out for that innovative idea that makes it truly unique and special.

Sew, apply or just pin silk flowers for high fashion is a cult of all time that involves not only the bride but also the other women of the event. A floral pattern and the flowery theme make the dresses of the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride elegant and refined. They also tell a feminine story about a chic and romantic dress.

Why do we talk about high fashion flowers?

All mine floral creations they are an autonomous project in their own right, completely custom made and handmade. From the design to the production, I take care of all my details in detail silk flowers and I enrich the style of fairytale wedding dresses.

With floral applique custom designed I can transform an older wedding dress, in this case making an effective restyling of the wedding outfit.

silk poppy

High fashion is closely connected to art and the most current trends. According to the needs of mine Unusual Bride and of the most attentive clients, I make Haute Couture flowers for elegant and Grand Gala dresses.

Silk Flowers & Art

Have you ever thought about how much the artistic avant-gardes influence the high fashion fashion collections ?
Just think of the concept of Structuralism and sculpture dresses, or the Minimal chic mood of the more sober and essential clothes.

If you like the less is more style, but you love glamorous colors, I can be inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art and create flowers with crunchy and vitamin colors.



The avant-garde of the legendary 60s expressed the commodification of art through serial pictures and posters: this however does not happen for my silk flowers.

Every application, every detail of mine is handmade in all stages of production: in addition, I use recycled silk petals and laboratory remains.
What you have to do, to renew a dress or create it from scratch, is to contact me and tell me your story. I will create for you Haute Couture silk flowers for a dream dress.

High fashion and flowery meadows

The floral mood is a cult of Twiggy outfits, together with the two-tone optical outfits of those roaring decades.
Thanks to mine recycled silk flowers, I can customize any elegant dress for the wedding ceremony , including the bridesmaids’ outfits.

silk iris_

All the long formal dresses they lend themselves to be embellished with a flower of handmade silk . The black tie dress code and cocktail dress often recall the floral theme, both a deluxe jumpsuit and a romantic dress with a full skirt.

With a flower, each dress acquires a different soul, especially if handmade and tailored to the needs of the person.

For example, i colorful high fashion silk flowers they are perfect for enriching stage costumes, spectacular outfits and awesome Drag Queen outfits!

Or, with a flower in a caressing fabric, such as silk, you can customize a formal dress that must combine style and harmony.


High fashion reserves us many ideas and suggestions to be as creative as possible: once again, “ give me a flower and I will lift the world “.



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