How a Shabby Chic bouquet should be

shabby chic blush pink bouquet

How a Shabby Chic bouquet should be

You organized yours marriage in style shabby chic ? Do you know how to choose your bouquet? Here are some tips on how should a shabby chic wedding bouquet .

Surely if you are reading this article it is because you are about to get married and you have chosen how theme of your wedding the shabby one.

The shabby chic is a style that was born in ancient Great Britain and is very close to a vintage style with pastel colors. A particular style for a wedding but certainly a lot original is refined .

The watchword of this style is elegance but without overdoing it, with that chic and refined touch.

So here are some tips on how to choose the perfect shabby chic bouquet , so as not to go wrong and make a great impression at your wedding.

How to choose the shape of your shabby chic bouquet

There right shape for a bridal bouquet shabby chic it’s the classic one. No particular shapes or extravagant styles are sought, but elegance and simplicity. The classic bouquet in perfect shabby chic style will therefore be from round or slightly cascading shape . In any case it will be a bouquet small or from normal size .

How to choose the perfect colors for a shabby chic bouquet?

The perfect colors in this case are i pastel . The choice must therefore fall on them, also based on the set-up chosen for the church and the location.

All pastel colors are welcome even if the main protagonists are the antique pink , the pastel blue , the antique white and the powder pink .

Obviously no one forbids us to choose other colors as long as they always belong to pastel shades.

To be in perfect shabby style you must not overdo it or choose bright colors, this is because at the time of its birth, this style represented the rebirth of old objects to reuse them again.

In fact, the shabby was born primarily as furnishing style where antique furnishing accessories were fished out of the cellars and basements to give them new life.

All this therefore limits the choice of colors, but if we want a wedding in perfect shabby chic style we must follow the rules.

How to choose flowers

Although it is possible to choose fresh flowers in refined pastel shades, it is not certain that with this type of flower we will be able to give a real touch of vintage to our bouquet.

Here’s why for make a shabby chic bouquet i prefer handmade fake flowers that can be customized as we want, in type, decorations and colors.

Think maybe of the need to choose a very particular shade of color and maybe not find it because it doesn’t exist in nature. Alternative flowers, especially in this case, come to our rescue.

The important thing is to know how to choose the quality of the materials and to rely on an expert craftsman of fake flower bouquet .

Among the most used flowers for the creation of a shabby chic bouquet we find the rose , the lavender and the hydrangeas .

To emphasize the result we can choose to decorate more our bouquet with glitter, small rhinestones and ancient white pearls. The result will be even more elegant and chic.

In any case, whatever the choice towards which you reach out, the important thing is not to forget that the shabby chic bouquet must always be elegant and refined. Otherwise it’s not chic … nor shabby.


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