How many types of bouquets are there? What’s your favorite?

How many types of bouquets are there? What’s your favorite?

Often the bridal bouquet is given a very secondary role, delegating its choice to other people. Yet on the wedding day i wedding flowers they must be coordinated with the mood of the marriage and the bouquet must fit perfectly with the bride, recalling her personality and embellishing the figure of the wedding dress. There are many parameters to consider before choosing a bouquet. I will help you get off to a good start. Let’s start by figuring out how many types of bouquets exist and which one might be right for you.

Types of wedding bouquets:

Let’s start by explaining what the various types of bouquets are. As you can see I have created a glossary where it contains not only the various types of bouquet , but also a guide to floral color. Let’s go and see it together in detail.



The bouquet in a small bouquet


It is called a bouquet precisely because it is very compact with a small size, generally composed of wildflowers with cultivated flowers. Its handle is tightly wrapped with a ribbon or raffia, cut evenly in length.

The Pompander bouquet

Also called handbag bouquet it is composed of a sphere that is covered with flowers, preferably of a single type of flowers. Unlike other types of bouquets, the pompander it can be worn both in the hand and around the wrist. In fact, a ribbon is applied on top of the sphere that acts as a cuff to be able to wear it.

The Posy bouquet


One of the most popular bouquets is undoubtedly the Posy bouquet . Many brides like it for its small size. Its dome is round and the handle is tied by a ribbon until it almost completely covers the stems.

The hand-tied bouquet



A classic choice with a medium to large size. A bouquet compact with a dome often variegated with flowers. The handle is tied loosely on top, near the dome, with a few turns of tape. This allows the stems to create a twist that makes the handle wider at the base. This makes the bouquet line more impressive. THE wedding photographers , use this peculiarity in the handle, to be able to photograph the bouquet standing up.

The Composite bouquet

One flower bouquet

This bridal bouquet is very special. At first glance it may seem that it is only one single flower, instead in order to create this effect you choose a single quality of flower and then use the individual petals, connecting them together thus creating a single large flower. The handle consists of a single stem, decorated with satin ribbon.

The Cascade bouquet

Handmade wedding bouquet

This bouquet is chosen for its great scenographic effect. Composed of a compact dome which then continues with a long tail, forming a cascade of flowers. To create this effect, the bouquet is connected to a support support. The handle is not visible and is covered by the tail that goes down to the front.

The Pageant bouquet

bouquet of fake calla lilies

If you are a bride who wants a cascading bouquet but you want to stay sober, definitely the Pageant bouquet is for you. To make this bouquet, long-stemmed, large-diameter flowers are used. Flowers like i tulips or le calle , which have the weight of their own bud that stretches forward. This characteristic means that the bouquet takes the classic cascade shape but with much more simplicity. The handle is visible tied with a few turns of ribbon. For those who do not like calla lilies or tulips, this composition is also made with other flowers, so as to make the shape more rigid. In this case, the bouquet can be carried by placing it on the arm.

The round bouquet


This is the quintessential classic bridal bouquet. With its round and compact dome, it is often chosen by brides who don’t want to take too much risk. The handle is visible, tied tightly by a satin ribbon.

Other types of bouquets

These that I have presented to you are the basic types of bridal bouquets, over the years others have come out like the bouquet hoop and the messy bouquet which have been very successful.


Bouquet hoop


Messy Bouquet

Floral color guide: flowers divided by color

Below you will list the flowers divided by color so that you can already have an overview on which types of flowers will work for your color chart.

Let’s start with the warm shades:

  • Color red brings with it many types of flowers here is a small list of the best known for you: roses, ranunculus, gerbera, snapdragons, tulips, zinnia, chrysanthemum, dahlia, gladiolus, orchids, carnation.
  • The pink one of the most chosen colors in weddings, for the choice of flowers we have: gerbera, hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, peonies, orchids, celosia, chrysanthemum, magnolia, carnation, lisianthus.
  • In color Orange we find as flowers: roses, orchids, calla lilies, lilies, dahlias, tulips, protea, anemone, ranunculus.
  • If you choose the yellow as the main color of your color chart, know that you could choose these flowers for your bridal bouquet: sunflower, orchid, rose, calla, lily, ranunculus, tulip, gerbera, narcissus.

In cold shades we find:

  • Color green it can bring with it flowers such as: chrysanthemum, calla lily, berzilla, hydrangea, orchid, star grass.
  • The blue also very often chosen by the newlyweds, you can choose flowers such as: hydrangea, delphinium, cornflower, iris.
  • In color Violet we can find flowers such as: orchid, hydrangea, dahlia, buttercups, chrysanthemum, scabiosa, lisianthus, iris.
  • The color par excellence of weddings, the White. With this color we can find flowers such as: calla, ornithogalum, peonies, roses, tulips, daisy, carnation, lily.


Well dear friend, I hope so much to have been of help and to have clarified the ideas for the choice of your bridal bouquet. But I want you to keep everything in mind, so I decided to give you a gift. I created the bouquet glossary in pdf format, so that you can download it and take it with you to choose the flowers. Inside you will also find the floral color guide .

I hope you enjoyed this article and remember that if you want an alternative bouquet, I’m here to help you make it. write me I will be delighted to meet you.


Contact me I will help you find your ideal type of bouquet. Let’s do it together.

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