How to organize a wedding in winter


How to organize a wedding in winter

The seasons always replace each other and sooner or later that moment comes when it becomes necessary to organize the winter wedding . Undoubtedly it is one of the most magical seasons of the year. It is not always generous and in good weather, but it has its advantages. The snow-covered trees, the bottomless blue sky, that atmosphere halfway between the magical and the extraordinary … The cold season has a lot of advantages, so you just need to take care of all its nuances so that your wedding goes perfectly and turns into a real one winter fairy tale . And getting it right isn’t as difficult as you might think at first glance.

Organizing a wedding in winter? Simple!

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A wisely organized wedding in the snowy season will surely be remembered by both guests and newlyweds. In addition, many restaurants and banquet halls reduce their prices during this period or organize profitable promotions. Prices in bridal salons are also much cheaper.

Winter is a great time of year for a wedding! Of course, in winter you can’t have a wedding in a tent in the open air, but there are also advantages. For example, the lack of queues, the possibility of having a different wedding than usual and also lower prices than in the high season. It will undoubtedly be one of those marriages that will be easily remembered for years to come.

How to decorate the hall?

The accents and notes of a winter wedding they can be reflected in many details, for example in the realization of the bride and groom’s exit, which can be organized in a separate room near the fireplace, with additional decorations, according to the preferences of the newlyweds. Or a buffet, where in addition to light drinks, it is possible to serve hot mulled wine, which will be very appreciated by all the guests.

These shades will give the event a family atmosphere . Also, if you integrate the bride and groom’s first dance with special effects in the winter style, such as smoke or a snow machine, then the magic is done and all the guests will remember your wedding.

All that is needed to organize a wedding in winter, of those that will be remembered for many years to come, are just the imagination and creativity. For example, you can consider the idea of decorating the room with various references and references to the beautiful cold season. Without forgetting, perhaps, also the dress code. All hints of the beauty of winter will surely be well received by guests.

How to choose the winter location?


Choose one location for the winter wedding it is not much more difficult than in the warm season, but there are some nuances to take into account. In winter it is better to give preference to a characteristic place, but not too far away. Plus, organizing on-site registration at a restaurant is much easier.

However, we must not forget to serve various heated drinks and think of a location with an efficient heating system.

Floral decorations in winter

No self-respecting marriage can do without Floral decorations and the event organized in winter is by no means an exclusion from the rule. For the bridal bouquet in the cold season it is recommended to use non-cut flowers, which will give comfort and underline the season and, at the same time, will look perfect in all weather conditions. It is better to choose typically winter varieties for the purpose: Dianthus, Rose, Various berries: Brunia, Eucalyptus berries and others.

For the winter bouquets we recommend using different imaginative bouquets than usual. The important thing is to avoid, if possible, fresh flowers with delicate petals, such as buttercups, tulips and anemones: they risk getting damaged very soon and will not arrive at the end of the wedding photo shoot.

Of course, if you feel like it summer and colorful flowers for your wedding , or you don’t want to give up those flowers that spoil in a few hours in winter, I suggest you take a look at my alternative bouquets. They are handmade bouquets with different types of materials and characterized by a strong originality typical of the brides who commissioned them. You too can have your perfect wedding bouquet. Write to me and let’s design it together.


The look of the bride and groom

Finally, you can’t just forget everything about it the look of the bride and groom . The main difficulty, of course, is creating the couple look, because in addition to beauty and style, the weather conditions must also be taken into consideration. Headdress is a must for every bride in the winter season, and thanks to the variety and variety of options, today you can choose the one that will not only warm, but also perfectly complement the image of the newlyweds.

The look of the newlyweds, of course, should complement each other, so you have to consider options with the same gloves or scarves or bet on the same color of different accessories. This way you will be sure to create a great look for both of you without missing hints of the cold season.

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