Illuminating and Ultimate Gray: pantone colors for 2021 weddings


Illuminating and Ultimate Gray: pantone colors for 2021 weddings

Like every year, pantone launches the fashion of colors and for this year we will have a lot of energy and positivity with Illuminating yellow and Ultimate gray. Two new nuances will accompany the weddings of 2021 with joy and style, which can be the protagonists of your wedding or they can be sources of inspiration to embellish your wedding arrangement with details.

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray: the colors of 2021

Let’s now see these two new colors together. The PantoneIlluminating 13-0647 it is a vibrant and cheerful shade of yellow that stands out from other ranges for its great energy that it manages to transmit. Probably because it reminds us of our beloved sun, a source of well-being and vitality. This beautiful and vibrant color has been joined by pantone Ultimate Gray 5104. A very elegant and stylish shade of gray, I almost say “from other times”, accompanies Illuminating yellow with great refinement, making this union visually pleasing and unobtrusive.

What flowers to use for the wedding? And how to combine Gray?

Although it would seem that gray could be a thorn in the side to be able to combine it with yellow, I will show you that with a few elements you can create a very elegant setting.

Let’s start with the choice of flowersthat we are going to choose based on the yellow color. Sunflowers, roses, orchids, ranunculus and tulips are certainly the most requested flowers by brides when choosing their floral arrangement, but there are also gerberas and mimosa. As you can see, the choice is very wide and if we also went to find the less known, we will also find the lisianthus and the anemone.

Once you have chosen your favorite flowers, you can start thinking about how to combine them with gray. One piece of advice I can give you is to be able to collect them in Ultimate gray colored vases or you can have centerpieces made for your mise en place using stones, perhaps inspired by the decorations. Ikebana.

If your wedding is on the country style and you are a DIY lover, you can use recycled glass bottles and decorate them with gray brushstrokes or lace ribbon.


And if you want to use natural elements, you can always opt for lemon branches and use gray tablecloths.

And for the alternative wedding bouquet ? Here you can have a huge choice that can range from feather flowers to jewel buttons, up to the creation of any flowers with any color you want.

feather flowers


silk flowers

crepe paper roses

You could opt for gods silk flowers , so you can create a bouquet following the chosen nuance or create crepe paper flowers.

In short, as you can see, with the alternative bouquets that I create, there are no limits of realization. Furthermore, being able to coordinate together, I will also be able to help you with useful advice on set-ups and the bridal look.

Meanwhile, let’s begin to see it together in broad terms.

The look of the bride and groom

If gray can scare you in your set-ups, as a color you can insert in look of the newlyweds it could be yellow. It happened to me several times, to create coordinates for brides who had chosen yellow as their main color. I have often heard myself say: “It’s my favorite color but how do we coordinate it in bridal look ? ” Although all the yellow can be frightening, being a very lively color, I find that inserting it with the right details, can create that difference in the bridal outfit that never hurts.


So how do we insert it into the bride and groom’s clothing? In the groom, it could be a yellow tie or you can always focus on the button panel, so as to make it coordinated with the bride, but without exaggerating.

For the bride, you can opt for hair accessories coordinated with the bouquet and also opt for a satin belt to tie at the waist. If you don’t like these solutions, you might think about buying yellow shoes, perhaps with gray details.

Dear friend, as you can see there are many solutions to be able to combine the yellow and gray colors, they are two colors that I think are very elegant and refined. If you decide to use them as a color chart for your wedding, I’m sure these tips will be useful for you.

And in case these two colors do not fit your strings I have created an article for you where you can download a color guide divided by types of flowers,so you can always have a little help at hand for choosing the wedding flowers. Within this guide you will also find a glossary of bouquets divided by type.





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