Location for the wedding: useful tips.


Location for the wedding: useful tips.

When starting the preparations for a marriage , one of the first steps is the choice of location . It is the biggest expense that the newlyweds or whoever they have to face and let’s face it, it is also the first experience dealing with a supplier. As often happens, inexperience makes mistakes so let’s see together some tips you can follow to choose the location for your wedding.

The location for the wedding

The first decision you make when deciding to get married is definitely the date. It is often very symbolic for the spouses, so much so that it is immortalized on the most important day for the couple. But this symbol can be hindered by the choice of location, because despite everything being one of the most expensive parts of the wedding, most of the time we are forced to comply with what we are told and this also happens due to the inexperience of the spouses who are faced with it. the greatest investment, as a first step, towards the crowning of their love.

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One piece of advice I would like to give is not to be too condescending, after all the marriage is yours and it is right that it is done as you wish. If you care a lot about your wedding date, look for a solution to be able to keep it.

Surely it is also a good thing to follow the advice of the location in what are the good manners of bouton and on the organization of your event. Who better than them can know how to make every moment of the reception work out in the best possible way.

So try to always find a meeting point that is convenient for you and that makes your wedding organization work best.

A good wedding organization comes from empathy with the supplier

Visit more than one location so you can make a rose and be able to choose by comparing them with each other. This will allow you not only to compare the beauty of the various chosen places, but also to understand which organizer is more in your hearts.

It is no coincidence that every single supplier you choose will have to impress you not only for its “product” but also for the empathy that will be created between you, your future spouse and the supplier.

So always try not to bend in the face of the beauty of the location alone because in the path of the wedding, you will have to deal with the organizers and if there is no certain harmony between you, the path to marriage can become a nightmare.

Another mistake that we tend to make when looking for the location is to arrive totally unprepared about the contractual arrangements of the chosen place. So what to do? Find out first. The Internet can help you, not only on how to go and choose a location, but you will have the opportunity to join many groups of “aspiring brides” so that you can discuss the various experiences and better understand what you really need.

Choose the location strategically

Another mistake that we tend to make in choosing the location is not to consider the various movements to be made on the wedding day. Making this mistake, you find yourself having to get up at dawn to be able to respect all the times and believe me when I tell you that facing a tour of many hours on your wedding day can become heavy. You must always consider that it will be your party, so you must organize it in such a way that you and the groom can live it in total serenity.

For your big day, make a roadmap by organizing all your trips. This plan will make you aware of the various timetables to be respected and also of the kilometers to go. In this way the path that you will have to face during the wedding will be more pleasant and you do not risk making the wedding a marathon for the guests. So, choose the church and the location not too far from the house of the groom and the bride and if you are really forced to do so, at least try to unite the church with the location in the same place.

Useful tips

So once you are back on planet earth, after receiving the marriage proposal, what to do?

• Make a list of the important things, also taking into account that on your wedding day you and your future spouse must feel good and you must be able to “take home” many beautiful memories.

• Once you understand what matters most, get together and establish a budget for each individual supplier right away. In this way, in addition to having the final expense immediately clear, you will have a detailed plan on what you will have to face. Always try to keep a “cash fund” in case you need it for extra expenses that you have not well considered.

• On the choice of location, do not dwell only on the beauty of the place, it must also strike you supplier which will play a very important role in organizing your wedding.

• Make a schedule of your wedding, so that you can realize the distances from one point to another but also the times that you will have to respect, in order to reach each stage.


Dear friend, I hope I have been useful to you with information that are often not found on the web, but for you I want to make available all my experience that I have in the field of wedding. It is likely that the next article I will do will be about choosing the photographer, so if I were you I would stay connected my site 🙂

Meanwhile, I recommend this article to go and visit 5 eco friendly ideas for your wedding. If you follow me you know that I have the theme of ecology in weddings very close to my heart, so maybe you can find interesting ideas for your wedding that will make you embrace my philosophy, bring eco friendly and art in the wedding world.



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