Maria Grazia an Unusual bride from Latina


Maria Grazia an Unusual bride from Latina

Maria Grazia is a girl with a unique sensitivity. When he contacted me, we were on the phone a lot. I listened to everything about her marriage and she took all my advice regarding making hers bridal bouquet .

Wedding photographer Francesco Russotto :

Church: Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo
Bouquet: Unusual Bouquet
Location: Villa Zani
Briciola: Briciolavintagebus

Advice for your bridal bouquet


Giving good advice is essential, it means knowing how to listen. When the brides they contact me, they talk to me about their organization marriage , their tastes, how they met him groom , a confidence is born, which then leads to a feeling. That feeling you need to create YOUR bouquet.

Maria Grazia totally relied on my advice and I listened carefully to what she wanted for hers bridal bouquet .

A bride with determination and great sensitivity

I met this beautiful girl in person and when we looked into each other’s eyes, it seemed as if we had known each other forever. All the messages we had sent to each other, the chats by phone, the confidences exchanged, meant that I was in tune with Maria Grazia and thus created a creation that fully identified her. I really like this side of my job, it allows me to meet and establish relationships with different personalities. It would be nice to be able to meet all Unusual brides scattered throughout Italy … and beyond! It would be a great pleasure.

I also got to know Maria Grazia’s mother, a woman of other times, very sweet and kind.

A beautiful bride.

These eyes alone express what they contain.

Accessories for your wedding

And let’s not forget the groom accompanied by his mother! For him I have specially designed one button panel with crepe paper rose and crepe rubber hydrangeas.

We must also make particular the one who will make happy there bride , we cannot and must not neglect the figure of groom .

Congratulations to them too! Radiant and very excited.


With Maria Grazia I realized, not only the bride bouquet for her wedding but also all the coordinated: buttons, bridesmaids bracelets and hair accessories.

And here they are the newlyweds after having pronounced the big “YES”!

Photo of a wedding that fully express the emotion of that day.

Maria Grazia, I thank you infinitely for giving me the opportunity to be able to enter one of the most important days of your life. Guys I wish you well.

A big hug,


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