Messy Bouquet. A truly alternative bridal bouquet

messy bouquet

Messy Bouquet. A truly alternative bridal bouquet

Messy Bouquet can be considered one of bridal bouquet trendiest currently. A decidedly alternative bouquet of flowers, large in size and with an apparently disordered shape. But anyhow … the Messy bouquet is literally making thousands of brides fall in love. Let’s go and examine it.

Messy Bouquet

The word messy it means “ messy “and it is precisely this impression that gives the Messy Bouquet . Actually behind the making of each messy wedding bouquet , there is the careful design of every detail and the result is something extraordinarily elegant and refined, even if outside the traditional schemes.

The messy brides You recognize them because they embrace these bouquets with an important volume, composed of flowers only apparently arranged in a disorderly manner, in the most diverse shapes and colors. You can see all kinds of them: cascading, collected in a wicker basket or classic, but always extremely creative.

The messy bouquet in short, it is a composition of flowers that definitely stands out .

How the messy bouquet is made

Messy Bouquet

THE messy bouquet they are floral compositions that tread the hand on the appearance, which must be very natural, up to the realization of an asymmetrical and decomposed structure. All this, however, returns one decidedly harmonious and pleasant vision , the result of meticulous design and assembly.

The basic idea of the Messy Bouquet is that of wild bouquet , the latter having less important dimensions than the former. But if we examine it carefully, the boho or country inspiration is clearly evident.

The Messy Bouquet in fact, comes from the idea of bunch of flowers harvested in the countryside , unlike which, however, flowers and colors are not chosen by chance but with taste and skill. In addition, another substantial difference, flowers and foliage are indulged in their form within the deck.

The ideal flowers for a messy bouquet

The beauty of a messy bouquet is that there is no wedding flower particularly suitable for its realization, but the most important factor is the proportions between them. Precisely for this they are used flowers of different sizes (peonies, tulips, gerberas, hydrangeas, roses, etc.) combined with an important amount of foliage that has the “license” to overflow freely from the bouquet.

But even more, you can use definitely unusual flowers and plants for a bridal bouquet , such as succulents, artichoke blossoms, olive and cherry twigs, heather, catkins, berries, eucalyptus and ivy (to name a few).

In short, the Messy Bouquet is a successful encounter between traditional flowers and unusual plants , which gives life to a alternative wedding bouquet decidedly chic and refined.

The size of the messy bouquet

messy bouquet

So far we have just mentioned that the Messy Bouquet is a particularly important bouquet in size. But how big?

Conventional has never been something I like to stick to so in my opinion, this type of bridal bouquet can very well be made in medium size too. The important thing is to stay in the messy style and therefore pay attention to the play of proportions.

We can therefore say that the size of the messy bouquet must be proportionate to the bride’s silhouette and the style of the dress. The latter in particular must match the bouquet according to the classic basic rule which says “simple dress – rich bouquet” and vice versa.

Obviously this rule cannot and must not be something mathematical: even the dress can be more or less embroidered with more or less rich elements and the bouquet must be the right complement or, as I like to say, depending on the bouquet. dress will have to follow a certain style.

Messy Bouquet the trendy bouquet

messy bouquet wedding

Together with the wedding bows, the Messy Bouquet is one of the most requested by brides 2020 and given the need to postpone marriages to 2021. I am ready to bet that more trends will return than before also next year.

To make a messy bouquet many hours of work are required and that is why it is good to order it well in advance, also considering the time needed to design it together.

The result, however, definitely deserves this attention and I highly recommend it to all those brides who have chosen it “natural” or “casual” style for their wedding.

The shape, as mentioned, can vary depending on the bride’s dress and silhouette and it is possible to make smaller ones also for bridesmaids. There is no lack of the possibility of creating splendid ones buttons for the groom and for the father of the bride, in the same style.


Would you like a Messy Bouquet for your wedding too? Let’s design it together


Credit Photo: Francesco Russotto Wedding Photographer e on Pinterest

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