Miriam’s marriage: love wins over all adversity


Miriam’s marriage: love wins over all adversity

Reopened i weddings with phase 3, my phone started ringing as if it went crazy. Brides determined in wanting to fulfill their dream of love in 2020, they contacted me, even with a notice of 15 days from the date of the wedding. But not only that … I was also contacted for gods bouquet birth is gift bouquet . What for me was supposed to be “1 year of zero work” suddenly turned into last minute orders and I’m really very happy about this. Miriam was a last minute bride …

A marriage to be defended at any cost

This is Miriam’s wedding, celebrated on July 12, 2020. Another love has overcome all adversity. This happens when you truly believe in your goal and don’t lose hope.

When this gorgeous girl contacted me, she explained that her wedding date was linked to the beginning of her love story, so it was very important to be able to celebrate her in 2020.

Miriam and Luca met on a trip to Japan, precisely in Tokyo, (she is a tourist, he is a tour guide). During that time they fell in love, so much so that Luca gave her a handmade origami crane set as a gift.

Miriam expressed the desire to have a bridal bouquet to tell about that journey and the beginning of their great love.

So I proposed to insert in the bouquet, the cranes given by Luca and to use Japanese Takeo paper, in order to create flowers that express the purity and the art of Japanese precision. Once I inspected the dress, I decided that the bouquet should have strong but minimal lines. I also knew that the three cranes that Miriam had to send me would not be enough, so I took courage and while waiting for their arrival, I made others, trying to maintain the original size.

All this had to happen quickly and I had to coordinate with the suppliers in order to be able to immediately receive the card I needed. Thanks to Paper and People and due to his great professionalism, in less than 24 hours I had the paper in my laboratory.

One was done. Now I had to get the cranes to arrive in a very short time and thanks to Simona, Miriam’s sister, we were able to coordinate in a very short time.

Having received the origami set, it was now time to take courage and make the cranes for the bouquet.

There were two issues to address:

  • 1 I don’t like making origami.
  • 2 I should have been confronted with cranes made by a Japanese professional !!!

And the latter was my greatest fear.

Accepted the challenge, I worked hard to give my best and I must say that in the end the result was good.

japanese_bouquet wedding

A Japan themed wedding bouquet

THE flowers that we chose with Miriam, is a project that was created exclusively by Lucilla Paper for Unusual Bouquet. I find that they are very suitable for this creation and that they fully represent the Japanese style.

Japan wedding flowers

In order to finish the bouquet dome I decided to make ginkgo leaves. White is a widely used color in this creation, precisely to represent purity, a symbol of this marriage.

Takeo bouquet

The Japanese ornaments could not be missing even in the finish of the handle, taking up the colors used also in the dome.

japan bouquet

And this is the bouquet that inspired Miriam with her beautiful love story.

wedding accessories

Later I also made some buttons for the guests and one for the groom … clearly different from the other accessories we want the groom to stand out too, but always coordinated with the bride.

wedding button accessories

Miriam and Luca

And here they are the newlyweds, very in love and super happy.


One thing I’ve seen over the years is that Unusual bouquets have a side effect … brides never stop looking at them !! 😉

wedding flowers

Miriam’s smile is an explosion of purity.

bridal bouquet_roma

And finally the fun part arrives and maybe you let yourself go with a nice drink!


And here’s a nice group photo!


Guys I wish you well!



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