If the last year was marked by sacrifice and hope, despite the world of wedding has been one of the hardest hit by the covid pandemic, there have been realities that have not stopped. They continued to offer their own brand Made in Italy, with great style and innovation, conveying the message of hope and desire to move forward.
Like every year, pantone launches the fashion of colors and for this year we will have a lot of energy and positivity with Illuminating yellow and Ultimate gray. Two new nuances will accompany the weddings of 2021 with joy and style, which can be the protagonists of your wedding or they can be sources of inspiration to embellish your wedding arrangement with details.
When starting the preparations for a marriage , one of the first steps is the choice of location . It is the biggest expense that the newlyweds or whoever they have to face and let's face it, it is also the first experience dealing with a supplier. As often happens, inexperience makes mistakes so let's see together some tips you can follow to choose the location for your wedding.
Autumn is a magical season, studded with warm and very bright colors and intense and lively scents. More and more choice by future spouses, as a period, to celebrate their wedding. It is a season that greatly affects the mood of the wedding, so much so that it has become a trend. So here are some ideas for an autumn wedding.
Today I present to you a collection of wedding dresses , which left me speechless and fully identifies my way of seeing the Unusual bride. I'm talking about the Vision line of the 2020 collection of Elisabetta Polignano .
There wedding cake is a very important symbol in the history of marriage . Its roots date back to ancient times and still today it is present in the wedding world in a very important way.
There are not a few newlyweds who, caught by sudden doubt and eager to respect the traditions and the protocol imposed by bon ton, ask who delivers the bouquet to the bride and when. I try to answer these and others questions about the bouquet , following the rules established by etiquette and from tradition .