New wedding flowers 2021


New wedding flowers 2021

Now that we can get back to getting married, we have to fully grasp the latest trends and styles of the moment. There is a need for freshness and positive energy, for renewal and for detaching oneself from the past. At least, to me, an artist of Unusual Bouquet , like to think so and I’m always passionate about avant-garde that interest the world of weddings, but also everything that gravitates in art.

What are the trends and the new wedding flowers 2021 more interesting, to be inspired by both for the bridal bouquet but also for the arrangements? Let’s find out all the latest trends and what enlightened designers and artists like best. These are ideas to be inspired by amazing bouquet and an unforgettable reception.

Wedding flowers 2021: neutral and delicate colors

Between the new wedding flowers 2021 we are witnessing a return of the natural color palette, in shades of ocher, butter and mustard. If last year was the riot of bright colors, in this period more reassuring and delicate shades are preferred. The pastel colors are declined in flowers and botanical varieties such as pampas, ears of wheat, lunaria and the so-called rabbit tails. Among the most popular colors, certainly all those inspired by nature, such as vanilla, rock and ivory, to combine with terracotta and the nude look.


An immersive experience offered to guests

Is called flower bar and it is among the Announcements wedding flowers 2021 more intriguing. It is a kind of artistic experiment in which the spectators of the ceremony and the diners are involved. The service consists in setting up a console full of flowers and accessories with which guests can create their own custom flower arrangement .

There flower bar it is not only an immersive experience, but also a design trend , precisely because the guest plays with shapes, colors and tools made available, and takes home a souvenir. Simply put, it is possible create your own bouquet , or your own personalized wedding favor, choosing from a vast assortment of potted plants, fabrics, ribbons, containers, glass containers and colored bottles.

Organic and suspended compositions as set-ups

Between trends and new wedding flowers 2021 , we prefer to focus on scenic flowers and plants, both inside the Church and in the location chosen for the reception and refreshments. It feels very strong urgency of greenery and vegetation , that green thumb which recalls the vitality and the emergence of sociality that has been deprived of us.


The new brand bouquet for wedding flowers 2021

Returning to my sector, dear friends Unusual Bride , the trendiest bouquet of 2021 it is super fashion and stylish, with lines with attention to the smallest details. Current trends say STOP a gaudy bouquet and too much, and they prefer the innovative version, to say it with one word, unconventional , to be combined with an equally unconventional wedding dress.


In an era like this we are living in, always in constant transformation, a more spontaneous and enthusiastic, passionate and courageous attitude is needed, just like my brides who are outside the box.

This tendency to detach oneself from institutional etiquette and the “old-fashioned bon ton”, also translates into the most technological and versatile set-ups, where with a simple neon lettering installation you can create a backdrop and replace the altar or the façade of the Municipality, playing between the sacred and the profane.


In summary, among the new wedding flowers 2021 I observed the need to be versatile And double face , like a sliding wall that is there and disappears, with a few gestures.

Yes, therefore, a innovative bouquets and installations that become ready made and can be recovered, finding a new location.


Photo by Francesco Russotto





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