Organize the wedding in the winter. Here’s how

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Organize the wedding in the winter. Here’s how

We dream of our day since childhood marriage , the magical moment of yes in front of friends and relatives and even if you have been forced to change your plans a bit due to the Coronavirus, this does not mean that you cannot have the wedding you have always wanted.

Postponing the marriage does not mean giving it up

This is the time to postpone and reschedule , not to give up on your special day and, as Fabio Volo writes, “dreams need to know that we are brave”. With creativity and the help of wedding professionals, it is possible to find numerous solutions to make your ceremony unforgettable. Even if you decide to date her in the winter.

How to be a Glamor bride in winter

Feeling beautiful on her wedding day is every bride’s dream. Months are spent carefully choosing all the details so that everything about the wedding speaks of you. The dress, the flowers, the wedding rings, the location contribute to making every moment of this long-awaited day unforgettable.

But what can make your winter wedding really special? Let’s find out together.

The dress

You can be daring when choosing the dress: the winter temperatures allow you to have magical games of fabrics and volumes. The long-sleeved dresses are also very trendy, finely worked and embellished with pearls and light points. Lace is an elegant and timeless choice!

The location

The place of your wedding must be chosen with care. The possibilities, especially in winter, are many and with solutions suitable for every need: romantic country villas, hotels with breathtaking views, magical castles. A tip is to play with the settings, to create a truly unique atmosphere.

The flowers

The bouquet can become a glamorous and trendy accessory and thanks to us professionals in the sector, you can have yours favorite flowers even in winter .

Unusual Bouquet offers original and totally artisanal solutions also for brides who want to stand out: jewel bouquet you hate pearls , bouquet of feathers and sequins, up to bouquets made with i Lego . I am convinced that creativity is the key that makes every bride unique on her wedding day. To confirm this, see how it could be a winter bouquet from a true alternative bride !

The accessories

Take some time to choose accessories: a brooch in your hair, earrings, a pair of eccentric shoes can radically change your look, embellish it and make it truly special.

The make-up

Your make-up artist can advise you on the most suitable solutions for your complexion. The most popular color palette for autumn and winter includes bronze and brown shades and why not even a nice red lipstick.

Whatever you choose for your ceremony, you and your loved ones will make it truly special. The important thing is not to lose heart and start thinking about how you want to start your new life with your spouse.

The secret of the perfect wedding is not the season, but attention to detail and that depends only on you. We professionals of the sector are ready to help you to imagine and realize your special day to perfection.

You just have to decide on a new date and that’s it.

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