Original bouquets that are trendy


Original bouquets that are trendy

In recent years, the trend gods alternative bouquets . We realize this from the growth in the number of people who are starting to try their hand at this art, from the increasingly frequent use of the term “alternative” and from the adoption of this type of bridal bouquet on many wedding fashion catwalks. In short, today the alternative bouquet it’s a original bouquet that is trendy .

My Alternative Bouquets

I can rightly say, and without any presumption, that I was the first to coin the term many years ago alternative bouquets . I called them that because they are actually a beautiful, elegant and original alternative to the classic fresh flower bouquets.

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Obviously I am referring to my bouquets and those of other creative artists who take care of their creation by hand and with a strong imagination.

Today, therefore, the alternative bouquet is becoming more and more one trend . They are more and more brides who “dare” , preferring an artistic accessory to keep, rather than a fresh bouquet of flowers that will inevitably wither and remain just a vague memory to dust off looking at the wedding album.

We can really do anything

With alternative bouquets it is really possible to make the wedding bouquet of dreams , or a complement to your bridal look, thus assuming an absolute profile trend .



Rose. peonies, daisies, tulips, poppies, orchids, hydrangeas, ranunculus, etc., all the flowers can be reproduced with flair and creativity, creating refined works, just like you would like your wedding to be. But not only.

Who said that the bridal bouquet should only be of flowers?

Tradition dictates that the bridal bouquet is a bouquet of flowers, with different cuts and shapes but as long as it is made of flowers. But the alternative bouquet can go beyond this formamentis and next to the reproduction of flowers there can be a something that is really special , original and in perfect harmony with the wedding dress.

Thus, next to or instead of flowers, we can put copper or iron, special fabrics or buttons, hemp, cotton, paper, jewelry and everything that can contribute to create in a UNIQUE way a bridal bouquet .



The creation of an Alternative Bouquet

The creation of an alternative bouquet starts all from one first chat with the bride. She starts telling me how she would like it, what colors she would like to use and what kind of flower. Then, based on the type of ceremony (classic, modern, baroque , shabby , country , etc.), the fixed points are defined.

This is followed by the drawing of one or more bouquet models and finally, once the project is approved, we start with the realization.

One thing I want to point out: each bride is unique and her bouquet will also be unique. If they ask me, I can easily make one of my bouquets seen in the photos for them, but usually each bouquet is a unique piece , different from the others, that you’ll have only you , just because you are different from all other brides. You are unique.

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