Paper roses: Unusual method

paper roses

Paper roses: Unusual method

We often see paper roses tutorial , created by great professionals from overseas. They guided us into this beautiful world of gods paper flowers , arriving in Italy with various techniques and customizations. One of these is Lia Griffith. The template you will see in this tutorial was created by her. I only had the audacity to personalize it, in order to perform an Unusual interpretation on it.

A hot worked paper flower

The type of processing I used for this paper rose , includes a tool used in millinery, the hot iron.

The hot iron allows you to create clean folds, without wrinkles and to speed up the work a lot.

For professionals it is a valuable help.

paper flowers

Basic techniques

If you are a beginner, there are home tools that can help you bend the petals.

You can use the hot glue stick or a long wool needle or a wooden stick for skewers.

All materials that are available at home or in household or DIY stores.

paper flowers

A second ally to be able to make excellent folds for paper flowers is practice.

You will see that by exercising you will acquire confidence and your movements will be more and more decisive and direct, guaranteeing you

an excellent final result.

The Templates

In order to make the Unusual method paper roses, you can download the pdf template by clicking at the end of this article.

In case you have a printer Cricut or Cameo , below you can also download the svg version

to be inserted into dedicated programs.


paper roses

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