Peter Langner and bridal fashions

Peter Langner and bridal fashions

Peter Langner one stylist with a great personal imprint, it does not follow the bridal fashions , but only one’s own creativity, so much so that it is called “selfishness”. So he explains in an interview made by Roberta Patanè for weddings with the accent .

Not being contaminated by what surrounds us, to be able to fully express your creativity is a thought that I support, since I started making my alternative bouquets. Without contamination you can freely create and propose your own ideas that you may like or not, but this is also the beauty, a great challenge that stimulates you to cross new boundaries.

The Peter Langner brand

Peter Langner founded the eponymous brand in 1989, opening his Atelier in Rome, and then moving it to Milan in 2015, following the movement of fashion .

Peter Langner is one of the few bridal brand that looks to the future, always trying to reach new horizons: it is present in more than twenty countries around the world and is a protagonist above all in the scene bridal American and Asian.

What Peter Langner has spread all over the world in his 29-year career are Italian excellence, craftsmanship and a timeless fashion concept, all characteristics that derive from his strong cultural background.

The team

To achieve his goal, Peter Langner has put together an incredible staff, capable, thanks to specialized skills, to turn his ideas into reality.

The work of the team and the passion of this are the forces that move the brand.

He himself states: “My greatest fortune has been to find an incredible staff. They understood where I wanted to go and believed in my ideas. They have been and continue to stand by my side, beyond the gain. The passion we share is certainly the greatest help I could find. “

The Peter Langner team is constantly looking for something new: always working in close collaboration with suppliers, searching for new fabrics and exclusive materials, encountering new forms of fabric processing or even creating new embroideries.

In doing so, the Peter Langner team never gives up on their commitment to achieve the highest quality and never gives up on trying to achieve perfection.

Architecture is one of his major sources of inspiration: every day he undertakes to give life to each of his creations starting from the research of the material, to then move on to the construction of the dress with the drapery with canvas on the mannequin and then to the realization. The production time for a dress is 6/7 months, precisely because being handmade, you need to have the right time to make it.

2020 collection

In the signed 2020 collection Peter Langner , the dress is more architectural and asymmetrical. Symmetries that are enhanced to ensure that the dress is seen as unique. It goes away from the cleavage and transparencies, to give space to deep V-necks alternating with humeral necklines and openings on the back.

The materials, such as macramé lace, are manipulated and transformed to make them their own, thus creating volumes in which majestic overskirts, large bows and captivating draperies are the protagonists.

A magical and surreal collection, which involves the viewer in a fairy-tale setting with a romantic and naturalistic atmosphere. An enchanted place made up of evocative elements, such as the image of the huge anemone as the fil rouge of the entire collection.

Smoother lines and silhouettes, given by the lightness of new and refined fabrics, give life to fresh and youthful clothes that go perfectly with this new spring, creating a harmonious contrast with the others.

Majestic comes into play to enhance the collection couture dresses in different shades of pink, gold and champagne, entirely hand embroidered and enriched with Swarovski crystals, beads and lace.

What is never lacking in Peter Langner’s creations are the elegance, quality and accurate tailoring of the team of seamstresses, who with their precious work are able to create, together with the designer, unique and timeless dresses.

The artistic spirit of Peter Langner

Two aspects of this designer have impressed me, besides having his magnificent clothes, obviously it’s how he approaches his work. He is not afraid to express himself by going off the rails, he does not want a commercial product, he wants satisfaction for his creative spirit. A great artistic choice that I deeply respect and that I will treasure for mine bridal bouquet . The other aspect is the full awareness of being accompanied by a team, which he continually praises himself and is deeply proud of. In the historical artistic period we are experiencing, we must take an example from these great professionals, in order to look to the future with different eyes.

The new 2020 bridal collection by Peter Langner

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