Peter Langner: unusual wedding dresses


Peter Langner: unusual wedding dresses

If the last year was marked by sacrifice and hope, despite the world of wedding has been one of the hardest hit by the covid pandemic, there have been realities that have not stopped. They continued to offer their own brand Made in Italy, with great style and innovation, conveying the message of hope and desire to move forward.

Peter Langner and his 2021 collection

One of them is Peter Langner wedding dress designer with an out-of-the-ordinary vision.

His way of proposing wedding dresses goes against the current and provides his customers with an innovative scenario in representing being Bride .

In the work that Peter Langner does, there is great care, not only in the production of wedding dresses , but also in the communication and presentation of its collections. Knowing how to best convey one’s vision is fundamental for an artist. Langner does this very well.

Whenever you see presentations of his collections, it seems to travel inside his creative mind.

In the 2021 collection, the choice of location and the play of lights present the clothes in an elegant and captivating way and is described as follows:

A new vision that celebrates Woman 2021, the absolute protagonist of marriage, a woman who becomes a Bride without giving up her character, her personality, her uniqueness. Peter Langner suggests a style without imposing it, leaving the pleasure to every bride, to compose and break down her dress as if it were a puzzle. And it does so by proposing a collection in which different looks are intertwined and reinvented, where the key to interpretation is elegance and perfection.

Precious capes and boleros elegantly cover the shoulders, embroidered belts enrich the most classic lace bodysuit dress and transparencies add an intriguing touch, large bows and majestic skirts give a princely and regal look. The veil frames and wraps in a cloud of romanticism and privacy, recalling us to the purest tradition of marriage.

A proposal that gives you the opportunity to play with your dress so as to feel Bride , without putting aside being a woman.

New York Bridal Fashion Week: Langner 2022 collection

On April 6th and 8th there was New York Fashion Week an industry event where designers and brands reveal their latest collections. Peter Langner was present with his 2021/2022 collection.

In this video he explains how the vision of life has changed, aiming for quality and no longer quantity: “Quality of life is enjoying time spending it with your family”. The new collection aims at feeling and having a different idea for each wedding scenario. Whether it’s outdoors, intimate with the family or luxurious. Each bride will be able to identify with her architectural constructions and organza dresses.

I’m sure that the proposals that this designer will have in the future will be increasingly directed towards a particularity, disregarding the fashions of the moment, with his being Peter Langner.


It’s not easy to get out of the box and know how to swim against the current. Fashions teach but they don’t always have to be followed, you have to learn from them and do exactly what they taught us, so that we can transmit our vision.

wedding dresses

Peter Langner succeeds very well in this, conveying his own creative style with his own unmistakable signature.

We can’t wait to see the new Peter Langner collection to be able to admire a Made in Italy unusual.


Friend if you are curious to see other works by Peter Langner I recommend you Peter Langner and bridal fashions as well as going to meet him in person in his atelier .
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